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Washington DC Recording Connection Reviews

Allow your mentor to guide you through the Recording Connection program training.

“This was my third official week with my mentor and it was a very exciting and entertaining session for me. This week we spent learning about the microphones ins and outs, which gave me a greater understanding for how they work, which mic is best for different situations, and how sound is amplified through the mic itself. My reading, which the Recording Connection assigned me, gave me a great foundation for understanding the principles of microphones. Then, when I arrived at my mentors’ studio, we jumped right into what was learned through my reading, and my mentor helped me to understand areas in question, and also reassured me that no one just gets this information the first time around, and that repetition is the key. Next, I learned how to properly mic a drum set and connect it to the mixing board patch bay and Pro Tools. I left my session, once again, confident in myself as an engineer and producer. My mentor is a great instructor and it is a privilege to be his extern.”

— Charles Hudson, Washington, District of Columbia

Learn the basics required to succeed in the music industry.

“Another week at my mentors’ recording studio has been completed! The focus this week was on microphones, easily one of the most important pieces of any studio and recording situation. The reading that was assigned by the Recording Connection was pretty straight forward, giving me a good overview of the microphone basics. Reading through the reading assignment was interesting, and definitely added some important insight that I can use in my journey as a recording engineer and musician. I feel so enlightened now. I am learning more with every page I read and every minute I spend in the studio.”

— Torey Bryant, Alexandria, Virginia

Learn hands-on from the start.

“On my first day there was an album review party going on at the studio and I was invited to attend. I sat with a group of others as we listened to their album. We were given a folder with a score/suggestion sheet which included all of the track names, a brief bio and a comments section along with a few questions at the end. Afterward we gave our feedback and I got a chance to socialize and meet a lot of people. Next there was a video shoot that I got a chance to view and it was interesting to see the set-up and play around with the console a bit. I did much more than I expected for my first day but I loved it! Bring it on!”

Malecia Bynum, Washington, DC

Learn the importance of working with the best equipment.

“I just had my very 1st session in the Recording Connection with my new mentor; it went very well. There was an overlap in scheduling so I not only got a glance into Lesson 1, but also a preview of what’s to come in Lesson 3. We began the overview of lesson 1 with a short YouTube clip of “How the ear works”. This was a great demonstration because it allowed us to compare the inner-workings of the ear vs. the microphone. The other YouTube clip we watched “Sound-waves and other sources” was also informative as it provided a visual to the Lesson 1 teachings of sound. Session 1 was a great introduction to what I have to look forward to over the next 6 months. Many topics were covered but it was made very clear that everything ties in with one another and will be continuously reviewed throughout the sessions. The importance of all equipment was stressed, from quality of the Preamp to wrapping of the cables. I am very impressed with the studio and engineer assigned to me by the Recording Connection so I really look forward to jumping back in with Lesson 2.”

Tanese Abrams, Washington, District of Columbia

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