Tampa Recording Connection Reviews

Tampa Recording Connection Reviews

Meet Andrew Kirk – Recording Connection Honors Graduate

By the time Andrew Kirk came across the Recording Connection and decided to enroll, he had already accrued nearly a decade of experience in audio as a freelancer with no formal training. “I would call myself street smart equivalent to using recording gear,” he says. “I did not know the science behind it. There was a lot that I wanted to learn. I wanted to learn so I would be able to better my career, build better work experience.”

Once Kirk made the decision to enhance his skills with formal training, he comparison-shopped the competition, including visiting Full Sail University twice. But if there’s one thing Kirk understood from his “street-smart” experience in the music industry, it’s that real-world experience and connections are everything–and the schools he checked out didn’t offer much of either.

Says Kirk, “Full Sail deals with hundreds and hundreds of students, and they are just pumping out people with degrees into the industry without getting much actual real world recording experience, which is very important in this industry. It was that real-world aspect of the Recording Connection that drew me to the program. I was going to be learning in a real studio, doing actual real work.”

As it turned out, Andrew Kirk got just what he wanted: experience. The Recording Connection placed him in one of the top recording studios in Boston, and during his externship, he got to work on high-profile projects. “I had the opportunity of doing voice over work for MTV, something that you would never be able to do while going to school for this sort of thing,” he says. “I got to work closely with an MTV producer and an MTV actress. I actually did voice over work, which I can put on my resume.”

Kirk’s passion for audio engineering paid off even more than his prior experience had done; he excelled in his courses and graduated with honors from the program. He says the education he received filled in a lot of gaps from his prior experience, but most of all, it gave him needed connections to further his career.

“It’s a tough industry to break into,” he says. “Some people get lucky and have the opportunity to get right in working under a good engineer in a studio as an internÉFor most of us that doesn’t happen. You do need to look at furthering your education some way. I found that one of the best ways is through the Recording Connection. They will get you in a studio. They will help you start making connections.”

Andrew Kirk, Sarasota, FL

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