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San Francisco Recording Connection Reviews

I’m looking forward to finally getting in touch with everything.

“This chapter was a little more nostalgic. It brought me back to neutrons, protons, and electrons. I learned more about electricity and the science behind it. Electricity is such a complex yet very subtle matter. I’m not sure how I’ll be taking the knowledge of electricity and using it with the tools and equipment of the studio, but I can’t wait to find out and use the facts of electricity to proper use. I’m coming into the studio tomorrow and I’m looking forward to finally getting in touch with everything, potentially meeting artists, and getting to know and build a comfortable relationship with my mentor.”

— Jeremy Josol, San Francisco, CA


Learn from the pros.

“I had a chance to watch as my mentor worked in Pro Tools to iron out the sound of each track and he added the desired affects to each track that the client wanted. Since the keyboard was a MIDI instrument, he was able to change the tone of the piano part to really nice acoustic string sound. The finished product turned out awesome. This was a really great experience and I learned a lot from it. I stayed afterwards and talked with my mentor for a while once we were all wrapped up. He really knows what he is doing and I feel fortunate to be learning from someone who is so on top of their craft!”

Andrew Tintle, San Rafael, CA


Learn what it takes to run real recording sessions.

“This week with my mentor we went over a lot of different microphones and their placements. We covered how a placement of the microphone will affect the sound that you’re getting. After we went over this, my mentor invited me to stay at the recording studio and take notes on my mentor recording a band that day. I got a chance to experience and learn what it’s like to have a recording session with a band. It was everything I expected, but living in the moment was a lot better. From this experience I got a chance to see what it’s like to create a song from scratch. I’m looking forward to my next lesson. It just keeps getting better and better.”

— Abraham Gonzalez, Redwood City, California


The adventure starts on day one.

“I must say that my first day of class was amazing. First of all the studio is great, it took me a while to take it all in. My mentor Zack is very knowledgeable. It is eye-opening to learn the long journey sound takes to make it to your ear.”

— Michael Rivas, San Francisco, CA


Record your band at a real recording studio as you learn audio engineering.

“I brought in my band the Far East Side and we recorded 4 songs for a basic demo/EP. I helped Zack with the miking, setup and levels and then we proceeded to get to it! After that day, I spent 3 straight 10 hour days doing all the editing on those songs; it was exhausting, but soooooo rewarding afterwards. Now we have a demo and after a bit more touch-up editing and a true mix down we’ll have something worth releasing.”

Robert Alexander San Francisco, CA


Gain invaluable experience as you learn.

“I have a lot of ideas but of course I don’t have the experience that my mentor and his crew do to make them come to life. It is a good feeling though that when they are explaining what he is doing to the song I actually comprehend what my mentor is talking about.”

Michael Rivas, San Francisco, CA


The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“It is nice to see my mentor be able to fill different roles successfully as that is a crucial element to being successful as an engineer- knowing how you have to interact with those you are working with based on the specific scenarios. Additionally, it’s really cool to see a professional operate in a “working” mentality as well as a “personal passion” mentality.”

— Jack Simon, Oakland, CA


Learn hands on.

“My mentor has me doing a lot of setting up whether it’s his external HD, microphone, snake, monitors etc. and that’s how I learn best.”

— Byron Glenn, Sacramento, CA


Learn hands-on from the start.

“Overall I am really pleased with this course and feel very fortunate to have been placed at the studio with my mentor it was a great fit and a wonderful experience.”

— Michael Rivas, San Francisco, CA


The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“Recording drums was exciting for me as I’m a drummer myself, and there were a few tricks my mentor had taught me about compressing the sound such as modifying the attack, release, threshold, etc. This wasn’t all related to the lessons we had gone over so I thought it was really cool of him to show me a little extra in the specific field of work I plan to do eventually.”

— Jake Grabarek, Danville, CA


One on One Learning

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first session – it was very informative and incredibly insightful. I took so much away from the experience – both in recording knowledge and in personal growth as a musician.”

Andrew Tintle, San Rafael, CA


A traditional school classroom can’t duplicate what you’ll learn at a real recording studio.

“My mentor went far beyond the course materials and really gave me a tremendous amount of insight on many things. I feel very fortunate to be learning about how to set up a recording studio for the best acoustics from him because he did a large amount of construction on his new studio within the last 6 months. As a result, there was a lot for us to talk about.”

Andrew Tintle, San Rafael, CA


Challenge yourself!

“At first I felt a little clumsy around the board and had trouble finding my work ethic. I think it was partly a test from my mentor to see where I was. Honestly, I need a lot more practice, but I know that with his help I will eventually get it down and it won’t be so hard.”

Ryan Hyde, San Francisco, CA


The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

“Reflecting on today’s session, I am really enjoying the way our lessons are going. I really like the blend of music business coaching and recording equipment training I am getting in these lessons. I am picking up on all of these golden “nuggets” of information David is passing along to me, and I know that this information is going to serve me in a big way in the future. You can’t get this type of wisdom out of a book – it takes a real industry professional with the experience in the field to effectively teach these topics in a way that will stick.”

Andrew Tintle, San Rafael, CA


There is no better way to learn audio engineering.

“I really have enjoyed the Recording Connection course and really appreciate the hard work that you guys do.”

Ryan Hyde, San Francisco, CA

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