San Antonio Recording Connection Reviews

San Antonio Recording Connection Reviews

Learn how to set up and run an entire recording session.

“Tuesday’s lesson with my mentor was all about microphone design. We went over questions I had regarding phantom power, as well as different types of mics such as a condensers, dynamics, and ribbon mics. Characteristics of each and what they’re best used for including how to use them to their full potential with placement techniques and choice of microphones being used. I got to sit down with my mentor showing me through some steps to be prepared for a client by setting up microphones, plugging them in the patch bay and connect them to the right inputs into the console and Pro Tools. I also helped with sound-checking the head phone mixers in the studio. In the session, I watched my mentor record two young ladies sing “The Star Spangled Banner” who are auditioning to sing in the opening of a San Antonio Spurs game. They both had very beautiful voices and I was glad to be watching and listening to the whole process.”

— Landon Bingham, New Braunfels, Texas

Learn how to become a success audio engineer

“The day I have been waiting for so long was finally hear; the first day in the Recording Connection with my mentor. Last week I started reading the Recording Connection books several times, finding myself in trouble, because I realized there’s so much information I didn’t know and understand yet. However, when I went in for my first session with my mentor he helped me comprehend the subjects I had been reading by using live examples so that I can get familiar with the real terms involved in the recording industry. At the end of the class and reading review my mentor proceeded to give me a tour of the studio, basically getting me to understand the microphones we are going to use as the weeks continue, and I had to take some pictures, as well as write down their names so that I could do research and memorize them all. I had a great time with my mentor this week and he even used the guitar, as I have been playing the guitar for all my life, to make sure I understood some of the lessons that are coming up. That really helped me a lot. I can’t wait to have the same skills and prepare myself to be a successful Audio Engineer!”

Manuel Lopez, San Antonio, Texas

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