Dominic Cerna of The Taking adds to his engineering chops with the Recording Connection

Dominic Cerna of The Taking adds to his engineering chops with the Recording Connection

San Antonio based Electro-Rock band The Taking is on the way up. Their lead guitarist Dominic Cerna is one of the key creative figures in the band and he’s also a large reason why the band is doing so well. He’s been pushing the band to higher and higher planes of success.

The Taking has worked with L.A. based music producers, they just landed a national management contract, and their debut album was released in February to loads of critical acclaim.

But Dominic hasn’t had enough. He’s still hungry. That’s why he enrolled in the Recording Connection’s externship program. “I’m a recording artist myself,” Says Dominic, “and I’ve always been on the artist side of things. I’ve always wanted to be on the engineering side of things too.” Well, now Dominic is getting his chance.

Dominic was paired with Mark Sinko of Salmon Peak Recording in San Antonio, Texas. Under Mark’s tutelage Dominic is able to meet even more people in the music industry, gain more experience on the production side of things, and forge ahead with his career. “Mark Sinko’s place is literally ten minutes down the street from my place,” says Dominic. “This option was just clearly so much better, a lot more convenient, and I think it really worked out well in the end.”

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