Sacramento Recording Connection Reviews

Sacramento Recording Connection Reviews

Learn Invaluable Skills With Hands-On Training

“I’m really enjoying the experience I’m having and I’m learning a lot. Every time I step foot in the studio, my drive to become a better engineer keeps becoming greater and greater.”

Clint Badal, Modesto, CA

Build long-lasting professional relationship with your mentor.

“I can definitely feel the vibes between myself and my mentor are getting more and more comfortable. We both are completely different styles, seeing as I am very into hip-hop and sampling and he’s into mostly pure live recording. I feel it benefits me a lot more this way because I also want to take on the mixing art of live sound and rather than already having a way of mixing live sounds, I’m pretty much starting from scratch and throwing all different theory’s and techniques into my own. It’s crazy to think of my first day at the studio to now and seeing how much our relationship has grown.”

— Byron Glenn, Sacramento, CA

Learn recording techniques from a professional engineer.

“My mentor showed me his different reverb techniques he’s used over the years. It was cool because he while we were listening he was asking me for my personal preference. I felt useful to give my opinions because of the fact that we have pretty different styles and sounds.”

Byron Glenn, Sacramento, CA

Work with real artists.

“Coming to my most recent lesson, I knew my mentor and I were going to be recording live vocals so I was already excited! The communication was very good between us and the artist, and everything came out smooth! After the recording, my mentor came in to further mix everything down. I can’t wait to get back there and hear the final outcome!”

— Byron Glenn, Sacramento, CA

Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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