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The Raleigh, North Carolina Recording Connection

Looking for a great recording school in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area? Look no further than the RECORDING CONNECTION, the only recording school that gets you inside an actual Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill recording studio, where you will work as an audio student apprentice (extern) and learn audio engineering, mixing, music production, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (trance, trip hop, house music, acid house and more), club DJ and post production audio. In the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region of North Carolina, there’s no better way to launch a career in audio than to apprentice (extern) in one of the area recording studios–and no better recording school than the RECORDING CONNECTION to help make it happen.

Don’t make the mistake of spending 20-50 thousand dollars to go to recording school at a college or trade school, when for a fraction of that amount you can go to recording school in a real recording studio. Make the smart choice–learn directly from the pros in a real-world environment. Our recording school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient way to learn audio engineering and music production.

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Located in central North Carolina, the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill collectively form the area known as ‘The Triangle’, a metro area of nearly two million people anchored not only by the cities themselves, but also by three major universities: North Carolina State University, Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These and other area schools serve to fuel an active music scene, with bands playing in numerous live venues throughout The Triangle. This area has been a particularly notable hotspot for indie-rock, hip-hop, punk and metal. Noteworthy musicians with ties to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill include Clay Aiken, James Taylor, singer/songwriter Ben Folds, gospel artist Shirley Caesar, and hip-hop band Little Brother, to name a few.

The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is also home to several quality recording studios to accommodate the busy musical activity in the area. If you are considering a career in audio as a recording engineer, live audio engineer or music producer, you’ll find plenty of learning opportunities in this area.

With our many professional connections and relationships forged over the years, the RECORDING CONNECTION is in a unique position to help fulfill your dreams of a career in the recording industry. Through our revolutionary mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, we pair you with a working industry professional who trains you one-on-one during real recording projects, putting you close to the action in ways other recording schools can’t. Over 70% of our graduates go on to permanent industry jobs, usually through contacts they made while working through our program. You owe it to yourself to see what our Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Recording School can do for you!



Why do you recommend the RC over other more traditional audio schools?

The Recording Connection offers students the opportunity to receive an education in audio engineering while simultaneously developing relationships with key industry professionals. Being able to study in a commercial facility gives the student an advantage over most by allowing each student to get their feet wet in a professional environment before landing a job in the industry.

Many professionals these days don’t recommend traditional audio schools anymore because they say have become diploma mills more interested in enrollment money than actually advancing the art of recording and producing? Please tell us your comments.

Well without directly bashing the competition, I would just say that there are obviously some schools that have recognized the peak in interest in recording technologies and science. I feel that the recording connection excels in this area because the program is centered around the reality of the recording industry. In order to be successful as an industry professional one must be gifted in their area of expertise, in addition to constructing a viable network. Recording connection provides both by enabling their students to train hands on in a studio where they can get a professional education and professional contacts.

The mentor-apprentice (extern) method of education taught by you at the RC is the original way up and coming engineers learned, from a mentor. What are your thoughts in our method of education (one on one inside a real studio).

Receiving one on one training is very important. In a traditional classroom environment the majority rules. If the majority of the class isn’t focused or equally as passionate, the instructor may have to ration the information according to the pace of most students. With one on one training, the instructor may work at the pace of the individual student. This allows the student to be educated at their own pace. Everyone gets the attention they need whether they are advanced level or just getting started.

How do you feel about the new curriculum?

The new curriculum is great. Not only has recording connection added additional information, they’ve added useful resources such as relevant videos to enhance the training experience.

If you had one or two pieces of advice for applicants to the Recording Connection, what would you tell them about our program and its benefits?

Study hard and take this opportunity seriously. If you had the chance to talk to anyone who had succeeded in this industry I’m sure they would tell you that success comes when preparation meets opportunity. Secondly, now is the time to slow down and get it right. Many students get excited about the opportunity and forget that they are still learning. This program will naturally accelerate the process of learning. Take advantage by taking your time to learn each aspect of the business. Patience is a virtue.


Ashley Mar Shell
Yolanda Rabun
Breanna Forrest
Jody Joe
Elgin Giles

Study any of the
following audio courses
with us in and around Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

Study as an apprentice and train for audio careers inside a real recording studio.

Audio Engineering Program (Pro Tools)

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Electronic Music Artist (Ableton)

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Music Producing Program

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Hip Hop Producer Program

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Audio Certification

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Live DJ

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Live Sound Engineer

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Learn from Legends

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Logic Electronic Music

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Post Production For Film and TV

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Music Business

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Advanced Audio

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Pro Tools™

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Logic Pro

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We get our students jobs.


Of Our Graduates Get

Jobs in the Music Business

Our outstanding job placement rate is no accident. We are able to achieve this high mark because our graduates have trained inside a working recording studio. This gives our students excellent hands-on skills, real-world job experience, and the industry connections and references that just aren’t available on a school campus. Additionally, we have a very proactive Stay Connected Job Assistance Program that serves as our graduates’ advocate in the job market for up to a year after course completion. When we say we’re connected with the music business, we mean it.

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Watch how we teach audio through our mentor apprentice method of education. Learn more about the pros from whom you will learn professional recording techniques, where our courses are taught, what professional audio engineers and music producers think about our programs, and more.

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The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina Recording Connection Audio School Advantage


Learn Near Where You Live.

You can go anywhere you want to go for school. Where do you choose? What if you didn't have to go anywhere--what if you could stay in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill? Well, you can, with the Recording Connection. We have hundreds of locations around the world, so you can learn near where you live.

The other guys don't come close. Advantage: Recording Connection.


We'll Help You Save.

You stay in your town and you learn. And our tuition isn't $100,000 like other audio engineering institutions. We keep things simple. We're awesome like that.

The other guys not only cost more, they have lots of add-on charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.


We'll Place You In a Studio.

You'll be learning in a recording studio in Raleigh or Durham or Chapel Hill. We don't believe in classrooms; we think the best way for you to learn audio engineering is to learn it on-the-job.

Advantage: Recording Connection.


Someone Who Will Show You the Way.

Have you ever been an apprentice? Have you ever had a mentor? Someone who will show you how to do things? Well, we have them. And they're awesome. Your mentor will show you one-on-one everything about the music industry and craft.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Successful Mentorship.

Our mentors have years of experience in the music industry, meaning they've worked with the biggest names in the business and have lots of Gold and Platinum records. They really know this business, and they're passing that knowledge on to you.

Their teachers listen to the Gold Records our teachers produce. Advantage: Recording Connection.


12 Months of Job Placement Assistance.

If you need help finding a job after graduation, we'll help you find one with our Job Placement Assistance Program, for up to a year after you complete your program.

The other guys give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Industry Vets Recommend Us.

We're recommended by thousands of music industry vets. They love our program because they know it's the best way for you to start a career in the industry.

You can count the number of pros who recommend the other guys on one hand. Advantage: Recording Connection.


You'll Be On the Inside.

Being viewed as an insider in this business can be very difficult to achieve, yet it's critical to your success. We make it much easier, because we get you on the inside from the very start of your training.

The other guys are on the outside, looking in. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Free Tutoring.

Need help with an assignment? You'll have access to free tutoring.

Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.



In this industry, you want connections. You NEED them. Which is why our audio school is different from any other. We not only give you the knowledge and skills you need—by placing you in the industry itself, we also give you the connections to leverage that knowledge into money.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.