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Philadelphia Recording Connection Reviews

Learn Hands On from a Real Working Professional

“It was great actually, I got a chance to meet Joey (his mentor), he was a really nice guy and as I went in there week after week he got really hands-on and it was really personal and that’s great for me because I’m a hands-on type of person so going in there and being able to see equipment in front of you, someone telling you exactly how everything works, what everything does, where everything goes from somebody knowledgeable was good for me because that’s the kind of education I like. Anyone can talk, anyone can talk at you know what I’m saying but he’s talking to you. And that goes for the people in the office too, when I called the Recording Connection they were really in tune with me and really personable and really helpful so that carried right over into the studio, it was easy to understand, easy to retain information so it was great being in there.”

Anthony Opher, Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia Audio Engineering Student Hired After Graduation

While each of the hundred of cities our programs work within provide their own unique advantages we cannot deny the success most of our graduates have found in Philadelphia. Read below to hear what one of our recent graduate had to say about his experiences and know that situations like this arise all the time when you’re making connections in the real world!

“That’s something that my mentor, Joey was great at. He had a lot of connections, he worked in the same building as EBE so I was on the peripheral of the company basically my entire time in the program because we would be having lessons in his control room and he would be showing me some audio he had just recorded or whatever the lesson that week was, and next-door there would be a band rehearsing for an upcoming event or I started asking question about them and he invited me to a video shoot for one of those bands. Because he records the audio for them and directs the videos to go on their website. Joey manages all of that and invited me to come with him to a video shoot for one of these bands and that’s when I met the manager of VU back in April and we exchanged names and I told him a little bit about myself when he asked me and he told me that if I’m interested he would have some work for me to do in the fall. So once my time came at the end of the summer I asked Joey to let me know the next time he’s working with them and it was as simple as giving the manager a call, just a brief interview and introduction over the phone and asked me when I was available to start.

So Joey was great at making those connections, being that liaison for his students into the working industry with professionals and he will always, as long as you can prove to him that you’re a worthy student he always has a good work to pass along and I’m very thankful that I was in that position with him to be able to move my career call along after I ended the program.”

Ben Eklund, Philadelphia, PA


Joel Licata – Recording Connection Graduate

Hey, my name is Joel Licata and I recently graduated the basic audio engineering program from Recording Connection. I got started when I did an internet search on schools on how to get started in recording music. One of the top was searches that came up was Recording Connection so I checked out their website.

Tuition wasn’t too expensive; much cheaper than Full Sail or some of the other recording schools. I looked at the other testimonials and they all seemed very honest and upfront. They didn’t seem sugar-coated or anything so I signed up with them.

They started me with Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions. He’s been in the recording industry around ten years. He did an excellent job teaching me everything through the program from the basics of science of sound all the way to the end, mixing, studio design, recording techniques, different mics.

Some advice I would give to other students is try your hardest, do all your homework, don’t slack off and I would say be realistic. It’s a hard field to get into but just keep trying, keep your head up and if this is something you really want keep trying and I’m sure eventually you’ll get somewhere with it.

— Joel Licata, Harrisburg, PA


Lean how to record live sessions with the guidance of your Recording Connection mentor.

“The studio this week was great. On Friday I got to come in and sit in on a recording session that my mentor had going on that day. Then later that night he invited me back to actually play some music and record to help show me how a real live session goes! It was very exciting and working with my mentor is really great. He is a really good guy and I am getting along with him great. He really is great at his job and I am learning a lot from him and the Recording Connection course. I am very excited to be a part of it and to continue working with my mentor. This week I also had a lot of questions for my mentor, mainly about problems I was having with my Pro Tools and my system. He showed me a number of solutions to them which was very helpful. Moreover, he also showed me what we would be doing from here on out as far as lessons and everything else goes.”

— Ryan DeFrees, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Become successful in the music industry by joining the Recording Connection.

“Today in my mentor’s studio I got to sing a vocal track for our cover of Hey Jude. Before hand, my mentor showed me a new plug-in called Melladyne. It is a plug-in that can take an instrument and correct any wrong note the player might have played during recording. Once my vocal track was done, he used Melladyne on my vocals to fix any bad note I had sang. After that was done, we went and covered a Lesson assigned to me by the Recording Connection. Afterwards my mentor let me mess around with some plug-ins on the tracks I had recorded. Well let me just start by saying thank you to the Recording Connection program for helping me out so far! I have been working with a really good live sound engineer for the past month now, that my mentor hooked me up with, and have been on some really amazing gigs! I can’t thank you guys and my mentor enough for this amazing experience that I have had so far with your program. So thank you so much for helping me along the way and get me up and running with everything, I have been really busy with these live sound gigs. Once again I thank you for all your help. I just love being in Philly, and being with a cool mentor who is showing me so much! My life has changed so much these past few months, it’s really awesome.”

— Ryan DeFrees, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Learn by doing.

“This week I learned what equalizers are, learning the different types of equalizers and filters. While in the studio with my mentor, he showed me the function of a graphic equalizer hands-on. He showed me that the 12 EQ controls for each octave band control frequencies, which you can choose to boost or cut, and it called a graphic EQ because it actually shows a graphic readout out of what’s going on. In class I also continued to mix one of the sample songs that I have. My mentor really has been a great teacher assigned to me by the Recording Connection and I cannot wait until I go back to the studio!”

Stanley Fortson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Learn by doing.

“I am currently on my twelfth week with the Recording Connection and I must say I am having a great time with my mentor. He gives me Lesson reading assignment to do at home before I go and see him for the week. Then I send them to him so he can see that I am really paying attention, which is great. Next I go into the studio and we go over them in great detail, and when I go back to the studio this week we are going to do some live recording where even lets me sit in and do hands-on work. Thank you goes out to the Recording Connection.”

Vincent Padulese, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Practice the people skills you’ll need as a pro.

“My mentor and I talked about the importance of protecting one’s self as an engineer. This means we must converse with every client/artist making sure they feel at ease so you (the engineer) will know everything that is expected of you before a session is even started. We as engineers also must talk with and to the client before they begin recording while they are in their booth so that they are comfortable with what they hear (through the head gear) and comfortable with the music/sound they are creating. It is good to be considerate to everyone because some people will be very mean and we must cover ourselves. From the mouth of Joey himself, ‘Make sure your levels are just right or the recording will become a poopie! Be more than cool, be outstanding!’”

Elaine McIver, Philadelphia, PA


Your mentor will help you understand the curriculum.

“After reading the text I had a vague understanding of the four connection types of in/out jacks but, as usual, it took a real world explanation from my mentor to understand why they exist. Sometimes the technical jargon and diagrams in the text actually make it harder for me to understand a concept. I’m glad my mentor’s able to give me practical world applications.”

— Matthew Lutchman, Philadelphia, PA


Learn invaluable skills from your mentor.

“My favorite part of my last lesson was getting to stand behind and examine my mentor’s analog live soundboard. While I am familiar with doing live sound, I have never gotten to study such a large and professional soundboard as this one. The ones I usually get to deal with have maybe 5 or 6 channels. More often than not, when I do live sound, none of the instruments are mic’d so I’m just dealing with vocals and perhaps a direct box for a laptop or keyboard. It was very interesting to see all the aux out’s to different monitors around the stage so that the drummer, keyboard player, guitar player, bass player, and singers can potentially all have different mixes coming through their monitors.”

Matthew Lutchman, Philadelphia, PA


Learn and work at a real recording studio.

“What surprised me the most when I started interning at Milkboy The Studio was how quiet a recording studio really was. When here I am expecting it to be super hype all the time, and busy. Other than a few engineers walking from rooms to the kitchen, and back to the rooms to work on a mix, it was quiet. I also learned about the long hours, and late nights that engineers have to put in.”

Taylor Morgan Reese, Philadelphia, PA


Work directly with bands to learn what it takes to record for live audiences.

“Today my mentor and I recorded a woman vocalist that is a client of his, where I was able to watch how he interacts with his clients’, getting the opportunity to watch the entire recording process. I learned how to slowly bring the music into the artists’ headphones, ensuring the sound is not too loud or quiet, along with the sound of the client’s voice. I then learned several short cuts to the program that Mac computers have, which is a great skill to have as I continue my career in the music industry. The next day my mentor had a video shoot at the studio for a band he is recording. I got to go watch them perform, watch all the video guys videotape the live performance, as well as continually interact with the entire band. It was really awesome to watch this, also being in the front row of a great band didn’t hurt. I did learn a lot. And it was a lot more interesting because it was my friend who we were recording. As well as doing it hands on.”

— Taylor Reese, Malvern, Pennsylvania


Start planning for your future in the recording industry.

“This week my mentor and I reviewed the physical properties of sound: frequency, waveforms, wavelength, period, amplitude, and velocity. We talked about the four basic forms of sound waves – sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, where my mentor demonstrated to me in Pro Tools what each wave sounds like using a synthesizer. We discussed attack, release, sustain, and decay, and how each property works. He also demonstrated how he manipulates those settings to get the sound he is looking to produce. We reviewed the decibel scale and talked about its importance in setting levels and mixing. He shared a couple of his own experiences with poor mixing and successful mixing in his amateur and professional career. That tied into the topic of the Fletcher-Munson frequency curves graph and its important relationship to audio engineering. My mentor also spent a good amount of time talking about our own musical background and experience with various instruments. We discussed the many career opportunities available after the program, and how each field of audio engineering relates to each other. Engineer, assistant engineer, producer, and studio management positions were among the fields we talked about. I talked to him about my goals and what I aim to achieve through the Recording Connection program.”

— Ben Eklund, Coatesville, Pennsylvania


Work with up and coming artists.

“Great session with my mentor this week. We had in this new rap artist from the Philadelphia area. My mentor explained to me that this guy just finished some heavy touring and would be working with Atlantic Records. A lot of exciting stuff and my mentor couldn’t be more excited. I sat in on a real recording session with an upcoming artist and I must say, it’s pretty cool and I learned a lot of stuff that really helped me out.”

— Drew Davis, Aldan, Pennsylvania


Bring your parents into your mentors’ professional recording studio.

“This class with my mentor was very important to me personally because I brought both of my parents to see what this is all about. My mentor really made them feel at home and was not at all hesitant in showing them around the studio, and telling him about his background in the music industry. What made it so special was the fact that he gave countless compliments about me to my parents. Hearing all these great things gave me such a feeling I can’t even explain. With that said, my passion and ambition I have for music has grown even more. I know now that I can only get better as long as I keep working on it. Ever since that very class with my mentor and my parents, I can tell my mother and father have much more faith in me now. I can just see it in their eyes that they are proud of me and that’s the best feeling I can ever ask for.”

— Albert Flordeliza, Burlington, New Jersey


Reach your goals with the assistance of one-on-one training from your mentor.

“During this weeks’’ lessons, my mentor and I did a quick review as always. My mentor used his teachings to show me that volume control is the most important part of being a audio engineer. After the review, my mentor and I decided to get a more hands-on view on volume control. In his studio, he showed me how a noise gate work using different instruments and how loud of a sound you must create for the noise gate to actually perform properly. After that, we talked about noticing distortion in the being stages so. I will always know when there is an overload in the volume. We also covered limiters, compressor, and expansion. By using all the information taught to me by my mentor, I am able to apply everything to my career and real life experiences. I am soaring to my dreams!”

— Brandon Paige-Rockemore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Prove to yourself that the music industry is yours for the taking.

“Today my mentor and I discussed the multiple types and of amplifiers. Going into the session like usual I had some questions I was prepared with as to what certain amps looked like, as well as what they were used for. And, as usual, I left with a much better understanding of what I had read from the assignment the Recording Connection had assigned me. I learned that power amps are mainly used to power speakers and that equalizer amps are used mainly for live performances, all though that is not their sole purpose. After this session, which we went over into great detail over, my mentor asked me to come in the following day and sit in on a video shoot. I came into my mentors’ studio the next day and got to sit in the control room and monitor the console, while the band was in the next room performing and recording the video. It was a great experience in which I got to see what a normal day in the studio consisted of, and further reinforced my thoughts that this is what I want to be doing.”

— Michael Butler, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Learn from an Expert

“My second session of the week was on Thursday. My mentor and I went over lesson 5, as he walked me around the studio explaining to me the things that I learned in the lesson, as well as giving me a more ‘hands-on’ understanding of this lesson”

— Tracy Laster, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Recording Connection paves the way to your future career success.

“I just wanted to let the Recording Connection know that I wanted to thank you for setting me up with my mentor. The studios great, and my mentor is an awesome mentor, and a great person! My mentor really helps me understand things when I don’t’ understand them, and he puts things into perspective that makes everything easier for me to understand! Everything is going great, and I am very excited about continuing the sessions with my mentor, as well as my future after finishing this course. Thanks you so much Recording Connection!”

— Taylor Reese, Malvern, Pennsylvania


Always look towards the future for career opportunities

“In this lesson I learned a lot about sound and hearing. For instance, how we measure the speed of sound, the pitch, and volume of sound. Career opportunities were another topic we touched on during our review of the lesson. I now know a few extra jobs that are available in this field of Audio Engineering. My mentor is a great teacher. He really takes his time to explain the things that I have trouble understanding. I think this style of learning in a real recording studio, combined with my mentors’ way of teaching, will be a great deal of help towards my success.”

— Tracy Laster, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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