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Looking to train for a career as a music producer or engineer in the Oakland music scene? The Oakland RECORDING CONNECTION is the audio engineering school that gets you inside an actual Oakland recording studio as a student apprentice (extern), working with real professionals as you learn your choice of mixing, audio engineering, music production, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (dub step, trance, drum and bass, techno and more), club DJ and post production audio. One of the best ways to launch a music industry career in Oakland is to learn on-the-job in a real Oakland recording studio. The RECORDING CONNECTION is the school that can put you there.

You can easily spend 50 thousand dollars or more to go to a music school, but why do that when you could learn in a real recording studio for less? Learn the ins and outs of recording and producing music directly from the pros in a real-world environment, and make plenty of industry connections while developing your craft. Our on-the-job training approach is a highly affordable and efficient way to launch your audio engineering career.

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Located across the bay from San Francisco, the city of Oakland is home to nearly half a million people, also boasting the busiest port in Northern California. Known to many as the home of the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders, this centerpiece of the East Bay is also home to one of California’s more vibrant music scenes. Not only is Oakland a known hotbed for jazz, but its busy music club scene also features such genres as rap, R&B, metal, punk and many others. Not surprisingly, Oakland has yielded more than its fair share of notable artists and bands, including Tower of Power, Green Day, MC Hammer, En Vogue, Sheila E, Keyshia Cole, The Pointer Sisters, tUnE-yArDs and many others.

Suffice it to say if you want to break into a career as a recording engineer, live audio engineer or music producer, Oakland provides many opportunities to connect. The RECORDING CONNECTION’s on-the-job training approach can put you in the heart of the action.

How do we do it? Our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach places you in a real recording studio, where all your training takes place one-on-one next to a working producer or engineer. You’ll learn the skills of recording, producing and mixing while working on the actual gear and software used by the studio, you’ll gain valuable experience on real recording projects with real artists, and you’ll get to meet and connect with lots of industry pros that you’d never meet in a classroom. Over 70 percent of Recording Connection graduates move into successful music industry jobs. Enroll in our Oakland Music Production School today, and let us get you started on the path to your own success.

Study any of the
following audio courses
with us in and around Oakland

Study as an apprentice and train for audio careers inside a real recording studio.

Audio Engineering Program (Pro Tools)

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Electronic Music Artist (Ableton)

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Music Producing Program

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Hip Hop Producer Program

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Audio Certification

Learn More

Live DJ

Learn More

Live Sound Engineer

Learn More

Learn from Legends

Learn More

Logic Electronic Music

Learn More

Post Production For Film and TV

Learn More

Music Business

Learn More

Advanced Audio

Learn More

Pro Tools™

Learn More


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Logic Pro

Learn More

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We get our students jobs.


Of Our Graduates Get

Jobs in the Music Business

Our outstanding job placement rate is no accident. We are able to achieve this high mark because our graduates have trained inside a working recording studio. This gives our students excellent hands-on skills, real-world job experience, and the industry connections and references that just aren’t available on a school campus. Additionally, we have a very proactive Stay Connected Job Assistance Program that serves as our graduates’ advocate in the job market for up to a year after course completion. When we say we’re connected with the music business, we mean it.

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Watch how we teach audio through our mentor apprentice method of education. Learn more about the pros from whom you will learn professional recording techniques, where our courses are taught, what professional audio engineers and music producers think about our programs, and more.

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Rolling Stones

Learn one on one from engineers and producers who have worked with The Rolling Stones

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Locations of our Oakland area campuses

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The Oakland, California Recording Connection Audio School Advantage


Located Across the Globe.

Our on-the-job training approach gives us the ability to train students in hundreds of locations across three continents, including dozens in California and several right here in Oakland. No need to relocate—we can train you in a real facility near where you live.

Hundreds of locations. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Low Tuition Means Little or No Debt.

The skyrocketing cost of education forces too many people into crushing debt. At the Recording Connection, we don't think you should be held hostage for 10-20 years by student debt just to get quality career training. We keep our tuition low so our students can graduate with little or no debt.

Low tuition, no hidden charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Learn In the Real World.

In our program, you won't spend a single day in a stuffy classroom. All our classes take place in the real world, where you will learn how the music industry actually works. We train you in a real recording studio.

Advantage: Recording Connection.


Learn From a Real Professional, One-on-One.

Your real-world training is conducted by a real producer/engineer, a mentor who teaches you one-on-one. Receive guided, personalized training on all the gear and software, ask any questions you like. You don't have to compete with other students for your mentor's attention.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Our Mentors Have Plenty of Accolades.

The Recording Connection partners with some of the world's most successful producers and engineers to train our students. It's common to see Gold and Platinum Records on the walls of your mentor's studio.

Learn from true industry professionals. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Real Job Placement Assistance.

For up to a year after graduation, we work closely with you, leveraging our connections to help you find work through our job assistance program.

We don't just give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. We help you find work. Advantage: Recording Connection.


We Come Highly Recommended.

Music industry professionals love our audio school and frequently recommend us. Why? Simple: they know how the industry works, and they see our results!

Endorsed by some of the best in the business. Advantage: Recording Connection.


On the Inside From the Beginning.

One of the biggest hurdles to breaking into the music industry is to become an "insider"—to become known in the industry. Our on-the-job training makes this hurdle much easier to jump because you're placed on the inside from the very beginning. You spend your entire course in the presence of working professionals, earning your stripes while you learn.

Get on the inside track. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Free Tutoring.

The Recording Connection offers free tutoring to anyone in the program who needs it. Really.

Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Industry Connections.

In the music industry, education alone won't get you where you want to go. This is a business that lives and breathes by connections. Those connections aren't typically made in classrooms—they're made by spending time in the work places where the pros are hanging out. The Recording Connection puts you there, giving you the opportunity to make lots of real industry connections that can further your career once you graduate.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.