New York Recording Connection Mentor Mark Christensen

Mark ChristensenWhen the topic of learning side-by-side from professional music producers gets brought up, one name is constantly mentioned: Recording Connection mentor Mark Christensen. His many years in the music industry provide a solid foundation, his “this is how you do it” methodology means those who study with him get experiential knowledge that they can take away with them and apply to their repertoire however they see fit. Externs like Nacor Zuluaga have gone on to work on numerous Gold and Platinum selling records, thanks to Mark’s instruction and willingness to give his all to those who demonstrate just how dedicated they are to the craft of making music. But Mark wasn’t always an audio legend. In fact, he started out as a touring recording artist. It was only after he’d worked in music as a musician for many years that he started Engine Room Audio in New York.

Mark worked with such musical talents as Try Songz, 50 Cent, Kylie Minogue, The Killers, ASAP Rocky, The Ting Tings, Sia, and a massive list of other talents.

Mark also works as a Recording Connection mentor in order to help future audio engineers and producers get their start. He helps them work with high profile acts, gain experience, and make connections. He knows the value of on-the-job training. He also knows the importance of making connections early in your career.

Ultimately, Mark is one of those producers that works just as hard behind the table as he does behind a desk. He’s constantly hustling, looking for the next gig, which is something that he attempts to impart to his students.

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