New York Recording Connection graduate Mike Messina lands work at a prestigious arts camp

New York Recording Connection graduate Mike Messina lands work at a prestigious arts camp

Terminus Studios - Studio A

New York Recording Connection graduate Mike Messina recalls the moment he discovered that there was a recording school alternative where he could learn on the job. “My mother and I were looking at other colleges,” he says. “I found the Recording Connection…and we were like, ‘Oh my God, do other people know about this?’”

Passionate about music and sound from a young age, Mike had been tinkering with sound effects, music and sampling even before he could afford the gear and software, grabbing and manipulating recordings on his cellphone. With limited learning opportunities available where he grew up, the best way for him to gain experience was to volunteer to help with live sound at the local community theater. Needless to say, finding a school that offered hands-on training in a studio was like a dream come true.

Mike was paired as an extern with noted producer/engineer Sax DMA at Terminus Studios in New York City, and once he got through the basic Recording Connection course, he stayed on to complete the advanced course. For Mike, the experience was nothing short of gratifying. “When it comes to being in the studio, you can’t really learn a lot of anything with just writing it down or just looking at a textbook,” he says. “With Recording Connection, you’re actually getting the hands-on work, and you’re getting very little written work…You’re actually just being taught as you go along.”

Now graduated, Mike’s earlier experience in live theater audio has proven to be an asset to his career. Not only was he tapped to do live audio for an off-Broadway production of Hair, but he was also recently called on to be the head of live audio at a highly acclaimed music camp!

“I was hired as lead sound engineer at Long Lake Performing Arts Camp in upstate New York,” says Mike. “It is one of the most prestigious sleep away camps in the country. I will be designing and engineering the rock shows, the classic symphony and the musicals. I’m very excited!”

Now just getting started on his career, Mike enjoys the live audio element, but looks forward to spending more time in the studio in the days ahead. “My ultimate dream is to stay in the studio and engineer, but not only for musicians,” he says. “I also want to engineer for voice actors, too. There’s a lot of voiceover recording going on, like animated commercials, TV series, cartoons, anime from Japan that are dubbed into English. Stuff like that is always what I’ve wanted to do.”

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