Nashville Recording Connection Reviews

Nashville Recording Connection Reviews


Learn the ins and outs of the music industry.
“Today was a good day in the Recording Connection. I went to my mentors’ studio to look over the studio. Here I learned about bass traps and that fiberglass was used at the studio. Next my mentor and I got to sit down and go over the assignments I had been working on the last few days. Next we moved on to more hands-on work, where he showed me what velocity and wavelength looks like on his Pro Tools system. He then began to explain attack, decay, sustain and release, showing me the differences. Also, my mentor moved onto to also explain that that I will always want to keep the volume at 85db to protect my hearing no matter what. And then we even moved onto look at mics, and all sorts of studio equipment. Everything this week was very interesting.”
Brenda Taylor, Gallatin, Tennessee

Get a job after graduation with your mentor as a professional audio engineer.
“Today, my mentor and I took a deeper look into the console and a lot of the functions it has to offer. Signal flow was also very important in today’s lesson. I saw how signal moves through the console via sends and returns and bus assignments. We discussed setting mic pre amps at the right level to achieve the desired input volume. I learned that auxiliary sends could either be pre-fader or post-fader depending on how much control of the actual signal you wanted to have after the audio is recorded. Also learned that pre-fade auxiliary sends were typically used to give the musicians a personalized mix of their own while performing or recording. My mentor and I ended up ending our session this day with an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons between digital and analog recording, which lead to a conversation about how the quality of recording is dying off due to Mp3’s. I love everything about my mentor in the Recording Connection! I’m so excited that, even when this course ends, my mentor still wants me around in the recording studio. That was the best thing to happen to me, as you could imagine. I love sitting and just plain old talking with my mentor about any questions I have. It’s so cool to actually sit down with a professional who is willing to donate his time to me. That’s so hard to find these days. And on another note, my personal mixes that I do out of my house have improved so much and get better and better every time I mix.”
— Zach Scott, Nashville, Tennessee

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