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Miami Recording Connection Reviews

Allow your mentors to assist you with the development of your recording skills.

“During this session my mentor did a lot of explaining to me. He explained how an analog mixing console is used to record just like a digital console. After showing me all the stuff about the console, as well as other consoles in the studio, we went straight into my lesson training, in which anything I did not understand was explained to me thoroughly by my mentor. This lesson was simple because most of the questions asked I could have answered from the experience I had in the recording sessions I attended before with my mentor. After this we started to work on a new song. During this process we recorded some midi tracks and got some ideas together for the song, which will be worked on at the next session. Also at this session I got to learn a lot more about mixing music which was great and overall this was just another great session for me.”

Kendall Webster, Miami, Florida


Learn in a way that is best suited for your learning needs.

“Things are going very well with my mentor. I am very pleased and honored that the Recording Connection selected him as my Instructor. He is very attentive to my needs, as well as very knowledgeable. We connected instantly when we first met, not sure if it’s because we are close in age, but I am happy to have him to assist me in fulfilling my dream as a Producer so late in this Industry. My mentor is also very patient and understanding. The reading that the Recording Connection assigns me is very challenging at times. However, my mentor puts it in a way for me to understand the technical part of it all.”

— Felicia McNair, Davie, Florida


There is never a dull day in the Recording Connection.

“This week at my mentors’ studio was especially exciting. I was very happy that lesson #2 reading from the Recording Connection was a breeze for me, and I only had a few questions. My mentor and I went over the importance of the basics of the reading, and he cleared up some questions I had about frequencies. My mentor next had an older gentlemen come into the studio. Here, he worked with his client on restoring and digitizing a set of old recordings his client had. THIS WAS extremely exciting and gave me insight to the wide array of things and jobs that happen in a studio. I got to help my mentor boot up his Neve Console, and help with some minor jobs. I am learning so much and this is only my 2nd session with my mentor. I look forward to what’s next! So, overall, my first session with my mentor was great! I came into the studio well prepared, eager, and ready to begin! My mentor and I got to sit down in the wonderful studio environment and he really provided me with a good introduction into everything. Being in the studio with my mentor has me very excited for the next weeks that are to come in the Recording Connection program!”

— Oliver Robins, Plantation, Florida

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