Taylor Crommie: Recording Connection Master’s extern firing on all cylinders!

Taylor CrommieTaylor Crommie was one of the best Recording Connection students of 2012. He consistently met deadlines, had positive feedback from his instructors and always went above and beyond his required earmarks. He did so well in the program as an extern to Donny Baker of ES Audio in Los Angeles, California that he has decided to enroll again in the Recording Connection in the Master’s level course. This time Taylor will be externing under Matt Linesch of Ocean Way Recording.

Don’t let Taylor’s absence fool you. He was very successful in his time away from the Recording Connection. He worked on The Baron Sisters’ Positive Thinker Tour where he worked doing live audio for 23 shows in 21 days. He also worked doing live audio at SXSW for the up and coming bands Breakfast and Caldwell, which featured Adrian Grenier. Taylor then decided to mix things up a bit. He next composed the music and the sound effects for the smartphone game Joe The Zombie. Next he worked at David Lynch’s Transcendental Radio, eventually landing a full-time job as a mixer for JW Studios in North Hollywood.

Despite having all these accomplishments, Taylor wanted more. He wanted to really stretch as a creative. That’s why he re-enrolled in the Master’s level Recording Connection class.

“I’ve had the luxury of having two mentors, “ Taylor said when asked about his second go around. “If I could pick my favorite experience at ES Audio it would have to be learning the hardware. Donny really took the time to explain to me why vintage equipment is such an essential tool for bringing life into your music. This really opened my ears to what it means to be a great engineer.”

When questioned further about his time externing under Matt Linesch, Taylor offered “Matt was finishing up the first live record of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, which I was able to witness. Apprenticing under Matt has opened my eyes and ears to different and interesting techniques of approaching my mix. Stuff you only learn one-on-one.”

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