Taylor Crommie: K-Pop, Breakfast and the Grammys!

Taylor Crommie & K-pop band SpeedEvery few years there’s a student that just refuses not to learn. Taylor Crommie is one of those people. He has an insatiable desire for knowledge.

Taylor Crommie worked his way through ES Audio in Los Angeles, California after graduating from his Recording Connection externship. He’s currently enrolled in a Master’s Program through the Recording Connection where he’s been paired with Matt “Linny” Linesch at United Recording. Taylor’s also been busy working a ton of one-off and recurring gigs doing live audio for several bands at SXSW and composing music for smartphone apps. He’s also been working with the L.A. alternative indie band Breakfast.

As if that wasn’t enough for one human being to do, Taylor has also taken on yet ANOTHER externship/externship in-tandem with the one he’s doing with Linny. This is all made possible thanks to Student Services at Recording Connection. Apprenticing with Marco Reyes at Joombas Music Group in Los Angeles, Taylor is assisting with production of the new album for the K-pop band Speed. Marco has also worked with K-pop artists like Exo, SHINee, and Girls Generation. He’s produced a least a dozen K-pop hit singles. With Marco, Taylor’s getting to intimately understand the tenets of super-pop production on one day, and on the next, he’s honing in on what gives a particular rock track its gritty, emotive appeal, thanks to the work he’s doing under Matt Linesh’s expert guidance.

Taylor is living proof of what happens when you apply yourself. He’s worked in nearly every aspect of production, he’s made invaluable contacts, and he’s gained real-world experience while still learning the tricks of the trade.

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