Recording Connection grad completes apprenticeship at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions

robert-wileyRecording Connection apprentice (extern) Robert Wiley recently got the opportunity work at Hans Zimmer music production company Remote Control Productions. Robert worked in on some of their top-secret productions. While he was working out of their office Remote Control was putting together projects like Batman V Superman, Interstellar, and Madagascar 3.

Robert even got to work on the soundtrack for Chicago PD. The fact that someone in Robert’s position, just a student, would be given the opportunity to work on a soundtrack for a show before graduating is a big deal. He’s gaining real world experience in a hands-on manner. He’s taking these experiences and turning them into a career.

Robert’s mentor Donny Baker set up this experience for him so that he could get a glimpse into what working in the big leagues is really like. Despite running a successful production company himself, Donny knew that there’s really only one way to show someone what the Hollywood system looks like. Put them in it.