Jesse Rhodes is now head engineer and mentors RRFC students himself!

Jesse Rhodes in ES Audio Recording StudioJesse Rhodes, a Recording Connection extern, has been working hard at ES Audio in Glendale, Ca. He’s been mentored by Donny Baker, where he’s leaned more than just the normal ins and outs of the industry. He’s made connections, and gained valuable skills that will help him have a career for the rest of his life.

In fact, Jesse has been doing so well in his externship that he not only has been hired on to work full time, but he’s been promoted. That’s right, he’s been elevated to head engineer. Jesse’s even gone so far as to pay it forward and mentor some Recording Connection students.

“I got started through Recording Connection in 2011. I always wanted to work in music and production, and Recording Connection provided me with the opportunity to pursue it. For the first time I found myself taking my studies seriously, and soon got noticed by my mentor, Donny Baker. When I completed my studies, I got hired at that studio, ES Audio, where I have been working as the head engineer for about 3 years now. Through that, I got the opportunity to work with T-Boz from TLC to Sharon Leal, Jedward, and YouTube phenom Shane Dawson.”

Jesse sure has gotten some amazing opportunities and some incredibly valuable work experience because of his time as an extern. He’s made career for himself by working hard, showing up, and being the last to leave.

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