Coke Youngblood heeds the call of Los Angeles

“I remember coming out here when I was 16 to go to Universal Studios with my brother and my step mom and my dad,” Coke Youngblood recalls about his first trek to Los Angeles. “I just remember being here like, ‘Oh my God, I want to live in this place….I would love to just live here and play music and be a musician.’”

So serious was Coke about pursuing music in L.A. that when he came of age, he moved from his home town of San Antonio to Los Angeles to get his foot in the door at the licensing department of Interscope Records, and worked on his songwriting on the side—but he soon realized he needed to work on his production and mixing skills if he wanted to compete in this market. He discovered the Recording Connection could train him in a real L.A. recording studio, and he decided to enroll. Soon after, he found himself at the prestigious Spitfire Studio in Laurel Canyon, externing under veteran music producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray).

“Warren is extremely professional and he knows exactly what he’s doing,” he says. “He’s an awesome producer and awesome engineer…A lot of people think that you need this or you need that to record, and it needs to be like this, and you need to have these speakers and you need to have this board…Warren is just like, what you’ve got, use it…He just gets it there and he trusts his instincts. So it’s just helped me trust my instincts more and know, ‘Okay, what I’m thinking is right. I’m going to go with that.’”

The training is already paying off for Coke, particularly in the form of several music placements on commercials for major companies like Kia and Gillette! He enjoys the challenge of expanding into different genres as different directors ask for different types of material. “Usually they ask for a certain type of style,” he says, “and to be able to do that and give them that and then see it go to screen and have the picture cut through it, it’s a really cool experience.”

In addition to working on songs for commercial placements, Coke is currently working on his own pop album, and he’s even launched a side venture called Write Me a Song, in which he creates original tunes on demand for weddings and other events.

From an early age, Coke Youngblood dreamed of forging a career in music in the thriving Los Angeles scene. Now, thanks to the Recording Connection and his own passion, he’s working to make that dream come true, and he couldn’t be happier.

“Everything that’s new and upcoming and that’s going to be popular starts here, for the most part,” says Coke. “Living in the South, everything was three to five years behind. And out here, it’s cutting edge. You’re on top of pop culture and right in the midst of it.”

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