Checking in with Award-Winning Mentor Ross Hogarth

Checking in with Award-Winning Mentor Ross Hogarth

Ross Hogarth is a man of many talents. He’s an award winning producer, mixer, and engineer. He’s been the main man behind the control board for such artists as The Doobie Brothers, John Mellencamp, R.E.M., Sick Puppies, and Van Halen.

Ross is one of the Master Class mentors in the Recording Connection. He works with advanced or graduated students to further their abilities. He’s given numerous externs their first big break. He’s one of the mentors in Los Angeles that put the students first. When you’ve been around as long as Ross has you’ve seen people come and go. You’ve seen trends die and fades fade. You know that the only way to really be successful is to follow your passion and create the work that you want to create.

This is something that gets lost in the hubbub and doldrums of Los Angeles. People are always chasing the almighty dollar. But Ross knows that the real success lies in following your passion.
When one of the Recording Connection students works with Ross they’re going to be gaining a wealth of knowledge, make valuable connections within the industry, and learn the ways of a master craftsman.

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