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Audio Engineering

This is the right place if you want to make or record hip hop, country, rock, punk or any form of popular or avant-garde music.

Music Producing

Think about what your life would be like if the recording studio were your office.

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Music Business

You can't get more inside music business access than this course.

Learn from Legends

Apprentice under the legends of the music industry who have made the greatest music of all time.

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Hip Hop

Making the right choice for your career in hip-hop starts with you making smart choices about your education.

Electronic Music Artist

In order to further your career as an electronic music producer, you need to have connections within the electronic music world.

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Our Los Angeles Audio Engineering Program

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Our Los Angeles Music Producing Program

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Our Los Angeles Music Business Program

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Our Los Angeles Learn from Legends Program

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Our Los Angeles Hip Hop Program

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Our Los Angeles Electronic Music Program

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Los Angeles / California

Recording Connection
Audio School


While there are numerous Los Angeles AUDIO ENGINEERING SCHOOLS from which to choose, only the Los Angeles RECORDING CONNECTION lets you get your education inside an actual working Los Angeles recording studio, where you will learn your choice of mixing, audio engineering, music production, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (video game music, acid house, dub fusion, electronica and more), post production audio and club DJ. One of the smartest ways to break into the recording industry in Los Angeles, CA is from inside a Los Angeles recording studio as an apprentice (extern). We get you into the heart of the action.

You don’t have to spend 20-50 thousand dollars to study audio recording at a college or audio engineering; for a fraction of that amount, you can go to AUDIO ENGINEERING SCHOOL in a real recording studio. Learn directly from the pros, and get connected while you get educated. Our audio recording school can put you in the heart of the action, affordably and effectively.

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Los Angeles, California is the second largest city in America, with a city population of nearly 4 million people, and anchoring a sprawling metro area of nearly 18 million. Besides being the undisputed heart of the film industry, Los Angeles is also one of the world’s largest hubs in the record industry. Most of the major labels have offices here, and hundreds of state-of-the-art recording studios accommodate the needs of the thousands of local acts, as well as national and international recording stars.

Not limited to one particular style, Los Angeles has been on the cusp of nearly every emerging popular genre, from the Beach Boys surf music to punk, glam rock, alternative, hip-hop and thrash metal. The list of noteworthy bands and artists coming out of Los Angeles is nearly endless, ranging from classic rock legends like The Eagles and Stevie Nicks to metal bands like Motley Crue and Metallica, and everything in between. If you are looking at a career in audio as a recording engineer, live audio engineer or music producer, there is no better or more diverse musical culture in which to learn it.

The RECORDING CONNECTION’s advantage over other Los Angeles AUDIO ENGINEERING SCHOOLS is our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach. Rather than put you in a sterile academic environment, we place you with a working industry professional in one of Los Angeles’ many recording studios, who personally instructs you during real-world audio recording projects and gives you exposure to a multitude of other industry contacts.  Our revolutionary approach gets you on the inside track, and the end result is that over 70% of our graduates get permanent jobs in the recording industry. You owe it to yourself to see what the LOS ANGELES RECORDING CONNECTION can do for your career.


Why do you recommend the Recording Connection’s Audio Engineering Program over other more traditional audio schools?

Donny Baker, Los Angeles Recording Connection MentorOurs is not really an audio school as you would think about a typical “school”. If I say “school”, you think classrooms with a lot of students and books and test taking, etc. No, this is all hands on, learning while you work is ideal. Yes, it is work. We work hard. But it’s way more than that. This is learning the way it’s supposed to be done, mentor to apprentice (extern). I am showing these kids how to do things rather than just talking to them about how to do things. Plus, they are getting their foot in the door. By the time they are done, they have been exposed to “real world” work that they might possibly hear on the radio or in a movie someday soon. You can’t get that being locked in a classroom.

Many professionals these days don’t recommend traditional audio schools anymore because they say have become diploma mills more interested in enrollment money than actually advancing the art of recording and producing? Please tell us your comments.

I agree, not to mention the exact school, but, it used to be a very prestigious school in Los Angeles that you had to audition and audition again before you were accepted. Now it seems the only prerequisite is that your check clears. Thankfully, we still audition potential students. This program is pretty exclusive. We don’t except just anyone. You will be interviewed by your mentor. He wants to make sure that you are ready for this experience. Again, this is hard work. But, the rewards are far greater than doing something that you hate just for the money. So, I am making sure that you are ready for this.

The mentor-apprentice (extern) method of education taught by you at the RC is the original way up and coming engineers learned, from a mentor. What are your thoughts in our method of education (one on one inside a real studio).

I learned how to be an engineer at a local studio by a very respected engineer in the business and I still refer back to things I learned from being his assistant. I credit my success on having been taught by this guy. I still run into him at events and functions in our community and he will ask about things I am doing and projects that I am working on, etc. He always seems genuinely interested in what I am doing even 25 years later. I doubt you’re going to get that from the classroom you sat in on even one year from now. You are a number, a statistic. You have to be dedicated and work hard. If you can handle that, you will be successful and others will take notice. You can’t just pay the money, answer the questions and take the tests and then BAM! Now you’re an engineer. It doesn’t work that way. You have to put in the time and the effort and the work. Get ready.

How do you feel about the new curriculum?

This is a very well done curriculum for the basic engineer course. It really covers the things that you need to get started. By the end of the basic course, you will know the things you need to know to really begin your career. But, I’ll say it again, you have to do the work. No one is going to “hand” you a gig. You have to get out and fight for it by working hard and staying dedicated. I love that the guys at RC came to us, the mentors, to help form the curriculum. They asked us what we thought was important to learn and that’s how the program is put together.

And now there is also the “Master” program. Amazing, is all I have to say about it. I mean, really? You are going to have your student actually record a band and overdub and edit and mix and master the song. Are you kidding me? This is what we all want to do. I really wish this was available for me when I was coming up. I had to beg and fight to get into a studio and to record a band by myself was unheard of. Much less having a mentor there to back me up when I had questions or problems. I made my mistakes all by myself. And now with this program, I get to show my students those mistakes and how to avoid them. This is Awesome!

If you had one or two pieces of advice for applicants to the RC what would you tell them about our program and its benefits?

You can go to another school and have a piece of paper that says you know how to run a session using an SSL J series console. That’s great. Now when you come to me for a job, I don’t really need to know about which school you spent 2 years at. Can you run a session in my studio? How about if we mic up a drum set. Can you do some vocal tuning in the real world? Can you get along with the clients? Do you understand the importance of a clean bathroom, or a good smelling live room? These are the engineers I need, the ones that know how things are done in a real studio with real players and real mixes and real mastering techniques.

I am looking for how well you do things. Not where you went to school.

While you are a student of RC and placed in a working studio to learn how to work in a studio, you not only learn and practice and perfect your skills as an engineer, but, you also learn about how to do business in a studio. You will learn how to market yourself and how to sell yourself. We talk about business as well as things like taxes and insurance. I know, pretty boring right? But think about it. Where are you going to go once you complete your school work? If you are working in a studio learning how to work in a studio, there is more to it than just the lessons in the book. You are getting in the door and people are going to notice you. I can say with confidence that the guys that work here at my studio, have at one time been students of Recording Connection. I am sure that they know how things are done in the real world, because they learned it in the real world.

So, I will continue to show students my special tricks and tips that I have learned along the way in my career. That is how we will continue this art of audio engineering into the next generation. Would you rather read a book, or have a guy with 25+ years of experience “SHOW” you what he knows? That’s an easy question to answer.

Donny Baker’s Credits

6 Feet Under
Nip / Tuck
Chet Thompson
Rock and Roll Suicide
Taylor Dwayne
James Band
Verizon Wireless

Study any of the
following audio courses
with us in and around Los Angeles

Study as an apprentice and train for audio careers inside a real recording studio.

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Electronic Music Artist (Ableton)

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Music Producing Program

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Hip Hop Producer Program

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Audio Certification

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Logic Electronic Music

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Music Business

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Advanced Audio

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Logic Pro

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We get our students jobs.


Of Our Graduates Get

Jobs in the Music Business

Our outstanding job placement rate is no accident. We are able to achieve this high mark because our graduates have trained inside a working recording studio. This gives our students excellent hands-on skills, real-world job experience, and the industry connections and references that just aren’t available on a school campus. Additionally, we have a very proactive Stay Connected Job Assistance Program that serves as our graduates’ advocate in the job market for up to a year after course completion. When we say we’re connected with the music business, we mean it.

Read our student success stories.

To get some quick information about our
Los Angeles audio program, watch this:

Many of the legendary producers
in Los Angeles endorse our school. Are you ready?

Top Recording Engineers, Famous Music Producers, Heavyweight Industry Figures

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Recording Connection
Audio School
in Video

Watch how we teach audio through our mentor apprentice method of education. Learn more about the pros from whom you will learn professional recording techniques, where our courses are taught, what professional audio engineers and music producers think about our programs, and more.

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Your Los Angeles, California
Recording School Alternative

Contact the Los Angeles Recording Connection

1201 West 5th Street, Suite M130
Los Angeles, CA 90017

(323) 329-9610

1746 Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91201

(213) 328-0834

517 Commercial Street
Glendale, CA 91203

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1350 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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215 W 5th St Suite 305
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Email: [email protected]

Hours: Mo-Sa 09:00 - 18:00

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800-755-7597 (Tap to Call)
Rolling Stones

Learn one on one from engineers and producers who have worked with The Rolling Stones

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Locations of our Los Angeles area campuses

Check out our industry and celebrity endorsed curriculum for Los Angeles

Watch our video to see our 1 on 1 Los Angeles Apprenticeships in action


Listen to the music our students make.

The Los Angeles, California Recording Connection Audio School Advantage


You Can Attend Our School Almost Anywhere

We’ve got audio engineering locations all across the United States. Some of our most prestigious and most acclaimed schools are in California. We’ve got audio engineering schools in Redding, Chino, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Santa Ana, and Orange County. Without a doubt, our most highly requested audio engineering school is Los Angeles.

Hundreds of locations. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Avoid Debt When You Attend the Recording Connection.

Debt is not cool. Who wants to go tens of thousands of dollars into debt to attend school? No one. That’s why the Recording Connection is such a highly sought after school. Our tuition is low, our classes are top notch and we really come through for our students. We want them to succeed.

Low tuition, no hidden charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Learn In The Real World.

Our curriculum is simple. We get you in a real recording studio with a mentor who will guide you through every aspect of your new chosen profession. You’ll be learning while you’re working. You’ll be getting used to the high paced velocity of the music industry, and you’ll be making connections. Learning, working, making connections, and going to school, all in one fell swoop. That’s how we do it.

Advantage: Recording Connection.


Study On-the-Job.

You’ll be learning one on one from a mentor in a real recording studio. You’ll be learning the ways of the genre in which you’ve chosen to work. If you’re into gospel or metal or punk, new wave, EDM, country, hip-hop, R & B or polka, we have a studio that will teach you the ways of the industry. We also offer courses in composing music for film/TV and video games, DJing and producing. Literally anything that you could want to learn about in the world of music, we’re there to help you.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.


No One Has More Experience Than Our Mentors.

Our mentors are extremely successful. We only partner with the best because these are the people who can teach our students what the business is really like. We want our students to learn from the best in the busienss. That’s why we partner with the producers and engineers behind Lady Gaga, Dre, Jay Z, The Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, and 50 Cent.

Learn from true industry professionals. Advantage: Recording Connection.


We’ll Help You Find Work.

We have an employment placement program that will help you find and keep a job after you graduate from our school. What other school will help you find a job for up to 12 months after you graduate? None.

We don't just give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. We help you find work. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Our Audio School Comes Highly Recommended.

There's a reason we have endorsements from more so many music industry professionals. We put our students first by putting them in the heart of the industry, and we give them opportunities to break into the business that they could never get in a classroom.

Endorsed by some of the best in the business. Advantage: Recording Connection.


From Day One, You’re On the Inside.

Breaking into the audio engineering world can be difficult. Often it’s the most complicated season of your career. Many people struggle for years and years attempting to find a first big break. Well, in our program, you’ll be starting from the inside from the moment you enroll in our program. That’s what makes the Recording Connection great.

Get on the inside track. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Tutoring Is Unlimited and Free.

We offer tutoring to every single one of our students. We want to make sure that you’re absolutely capable of performing the audio engineering tasks that you’ve been assigned. We want you to be flawless when it comes to recording, mixing and producing.

Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Connecting With Everyone.

Connections are everything in a creative industry. They mean the difference between having a career and being forced to work a day job. The fact that the Recording Connection gives you access to individuals from all walks of the industry says a lot. We want you to have every opportunity possible. That’s why we give you unprecedented opportunities to connect with your fellow music industry professionals.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.

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