Recording Connection grad Brenden Mendez Brings EDM to Camel Hump Studios!

Brenden_Mendez_2Brenden Mendez, a Recording Connection extern to Camel Hump Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been working for some time now. He’s been looking for his big moment to really show what he could offer. Camel Hump primarily specializes in hip-hop and punk music. That’s their bread and butter. There’s a thriving scene for both of those genres in Las Vegas, thus, that’s what Camel Hump ends up catering to.

Brenden took it upon himself to prove that the studio had a weak spot. They didn’t offer anything catered towards the EDM crowd, which was a critical oversight due to the thriving Electronic Dance Music scene in Las Vegas.

In order to prove that there was appetite for EDM production at Camel Hump, Brenden arranged to DJ a massive Halloween show in Vegas under his pseudonym DeLanxious. He blew the roof off of the place. Understandably, Camel Hump now has an EDM wing.

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