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If you live in:

Downtown, Summerlin, Sun City, Canyon Gate, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Arts District, Paradise, Winchester, Spring Valley, Green Valley, Paradise Palms, Chinatown, Centennial Hills, Henderson, Blue Diamond, Rhodes Ranch, Enterprise, Silverado Ranch, Sloan, Boulder City or other neighborhood or suburb of Las Vegas, we invite you to schedule a tour of our nearest campus to see for yourself why The Recording Connection is endorsed by some of the biggest names in the music business.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all of our recording studio classrooms have openings for new externs at any given time, and you will still need to "ace" your interview with the studio's mentor to be accepted.

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Sign up now for a personal virtual or in-person tour of a Nevada studio and meet a professional music producer or audio engineer who will be your private teacher.
This is your first step to becoming a beat maker, DJ, rapper, electronic composer, audio engineer, or music producer. Call us for more information at (800) 755-7597

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This is the hands-on learning we’re talking about:

Now THIS is what hands-on learning looks like. Just you, your mentor, and a recording studio packed with all the gear you can imagine. No classroom or online course can teach you this stuff—you have to learn by doing. Yes, mistakes will be made, but don’t worry—your mentor will be standing right there to help you learn from your mistakes, steering you straight and even teaching you secret techniques you’ll never find in the textbooks, all for the purpose of helping you join the league of industry pros with your newly acquired skills.

Now, think for a minute about the history behind the hallowed halls of your Las Vegas campus. This town is the Entertainment Capital of the World, where the world’s most famous musicians have performed. Depending on which studio you choose to be your school, it’s quite likely that some great records have been made there—from legends like Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton and Elvis to modern-day icons like Imagine Dragons, The Killers and Ne-Yo.

This recording studio, which is your classroom and your campus, is a place of greatness—a place where great music has been recorded by great artists. Are you ready to be next? We’re ready to help you get there.

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Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus Welcome to Your Las Vegas Campus

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