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Houston Recording Connection Reviews

Learn one on one.
“Chapter 7 was on tracking. I learned about how to plan for a session, set up instruments, get specific tones from instruments, and talked a bit about troubleshooting and other aspects of the recording world like professional behavior. I liked this lesson and am interested to see what the guys at the studio will have to add to this!”
— Peyton Abrams, Houston, Texas
Just being around the studio is amazing and I would love to have more experience like this in the near future!
“So today, I have learned a lot. My mentor was teaching me about certain plugins to use on which instruments, and the best effects. Learning from my mentor is always a good thing! There were sessions I was sitting in that had a variety of things to do. I sat in where people were making the instrumentations to a song. I also helped out to set up microphones when an artist was here. We used the Sony C800, which is a tube condenser microphone to mic up a female singer. After the session, my mentor explained to me on how the artist relationship is important to keep your clients as happy as possible. If everything goes smoothly, they will come back again for more recordings. Just being around the studio is amazing and I would love to have more experience like this in the near future!”
— Neftali Arreola, Houston, Texas
Receive your certification as an audio engineer!
“The lessons have been flying by for me! I’ve gotten more hands-on, and doing more mic hookups, and positioning. As I approach Week 15 my mentor and I talked about the final project and just starting to get things ready. I now know a lot more about room acoustics, as well as where to place the sound diffusers and how sound reacts in different types of rooms. We recorded some artists this week as well, which went smoothly. Everything in the Recording connection is great, getting really excited to get my certification!”
— Cesar Arenas, Katy, Texas
Learn signal flow with your mentor at a real recording studio
“This week was my fourth week in the Recording Connection, which deals with patch bays and signal flow, in which I really thought was going to be a daunting challenge, until I actually studied it with the materials provided to me by the program. This section was very rewarding due to the fact that it is one of the most important subjects to get down and understand in the profession of an audio engineer or psycho acoustic sound designer. When I arrived duties around the studio, and then my mentor and I went over my quiz that I had been assigned by the program, where I was able to ask my in-depth questions, where my mentor provided me with diligent, simplified answers in the exact way I wanted them addressed. As it has been said in the book, as well as by audio engineers, as well as pretty much everyone else I have ever spoken to, signal flow is very important. Feeling comfortable with mastering signal flow is said to be what distinguishes one to be an engineer. We drilled on steps of signal flow in different scenarios in order to help me understand exactly what happens to the signal in its journey during the recording process. My mentor has six patch bays labeled sitting on top of each other due to his many instrument setups and isolation chambers that actually require quite a bit of patching due to the many setups and scenarios he deals with that it requires patch bays to be the master centers of the recording control room, rather than the console board. After drilling signal flow with different setup situations, he then proceeded to explain to me in great detail and gravely specific instruction, like how the patch bay actually works and how, or why, it’s used. I then patched ins and outs from the mixer to different microphones and also multiple patches from mixer to compressor to mic and back again. After this in-depth training my mentor invited me to be a fly on the wall, and also participate, on patching to overdub their recordings after lunch. My mentor and his client began patching and I took notes to really burn the details of the information into my head as they explained what they were doing to me in a courteous and benevolent manner with very inviting hands-on attitudes when it came to letting me patch. I got to do patching and anticipate signal flow throughout all of the mix down and overdubbing. I learned a lot and my mentor was really rather happy with the way I was picking it up because, even to him, it can be a tricky process. Both my mentor, and his client, were very genuine towards making sure I really understood how to use a patch bay. I left the studio very happy once we were done, and all in all, it was in my opinion one of the best lessons I have had so far in the Recording Connection. And my mentor very involved with my participation so it was certainly a successful day!”
— Altay Pulak, College Station, Texas

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