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Passion and Persistence Lands Recording Connection Grad Frank Gillis a Job

Frank Gillis, Recording Connection Graduate
Frank Gillis was one of our top Recording Connection students. He worked hard, showed up early, and always completed his work. He put in extra hours. He made it so that he was on a first name basis with everyone he met at the studio. He also received top marks. Then, his externship at The Vibe Recording Studio came to an end.

During his exit interview Frank said to his mentor Chad Zuchengo, “Hey, man. I’m done. But I don’t want to be done. Can I still be here for sessions?” Of course Chad agreed. Frank had proven himself. He’d been there day in and day out.

Frank continued to show up, hang out, and do work. This ultimately led to him being hired to work with Vibe. Despite having two fulltime engineers, they brought Frank on because he knew the place like the back of his hand, had the experience, and was ultimately the best employee they had, though he had started as an extern.

The experience and hands on knowledge that Frank gained while in the Recording Connection, as well as the connections he made, and his tenacity directly contributed to him being selected for employment and jumpstarting his career.

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