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Graylyn “Gino” Claiborne gets hired by his mentor’s studio after graduating!

Graylyn Gino Claiborne
Metro 37 Studios in Detroit, Michigan knows how to recognize talent. They’ve just hired Recording Connection extern Graylyn ‘Gino’ Claiborne to work for them full time. Gino had been externing under Kevin Sharpe for the duration of his classes. He did so well that Mr. Sharpe offered him a permanent position as a staffed engineer.

Gino is nothing if not a determined individual. Already gainfully employed when offered the engineering position, Gino took it on in addition to his other job, and his musical side projects. Gino is currently working on a project entitled Visions. And if that wasn’t enough he is also continuing to the Recording Connection Master’s program.

When asked about the offer Gino said, “The job was offered to me on a random day I was at the studio for class. Kevin told me everyone liked me and they wanted to bring me on board. I was very excited about it and still am. I think what influenced their decision was the fact that I’m an artist and producer myself, so that does nothing but add to the experience and the know-how of engineering and creating a comfortable environment for clients.”

Gino’s story, while very exciting, is not unusual for our students. Many of our students are offered paying work either while they’re still in the program or immediately after graduation. The fact that you get to work and learn in a close proximity to someone who has the ability to hire you can’t be overlooked. It’s a real boon to anyone just starting out in the recording industry.

‘The knowledge I have received from RRFC was absolutely amazing, “Gino said. ‘There’s still so much for me to learn but I have definitely benefitted from this program.

Gino’s new project Visions is coming along quite well. Look for it soon! His music and his passion for knowledge shine through everything he does. He has a vast knowledge of both popular and obscure music. His technical skills are unparalleled after studying under Kevin Sharpe. We’re expecting big things from Gino. He’s going places. Big places. And it’s thanks, in part, to the connections and skills he learned while studying at Metro 37 in Detroit.

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