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Denver Recording Connection Reviews

All of these assets work in harmony to make an above average engineer.
“In week 7 of the program we discussed tracking and in particular some desired setups for recording in Conway Sound. We covered some different work flow techniques Ryan uses in his studio. Setup and recording is primarily based on who is recording that day. Full bands take more preparation and planning. This includes talking to the band ahead of time to get an idea of what they want to get accomplished and how much time they have booked to accomplish this. Trouble shooting problems is a crucial skillset needed by an engineer. Also there is a massive emphasis on keeping your cool and how to get the best possible performance out of your clients as an engineer. All of these assets work in harmony to make an above average engineer”
— Josh Denhardt, Denver, CO
Discover the value of individual attention.
“It was fun having my mentor explain this stuff, because I thought I was lost, but after he explained everything I felt I was right on track.”
— Chris Friermood, Denver, CO
Practical experience, not just book knowledge.
“It was really cool seeing all the different mics, and getting my hands on them. It makes a world of difference when you can actually see and feel something that you have been reading about. I feel like I am really starting to understand certain aspects of the recording world, that I was clueless about only a month ago. I look forward to sitting in on a recording session and seeing the different mics used.”
— Chris Friermood, Denver, CO
The Program for Every Skillset
Our program is not only for people from every town across the country, but also for those from every skill-set. Those whom lack the confidence to achieve may find the resolve to continue, to begin their professional lives again. Those already equipped to ?life in the studio? have the chance to expand their understanding of it?s art form even further. Read what Todd Talbot, a professional musician for over 20 years, has to say about his time in the program:

Todd Talbot - Denver Recording Connection Studnet “I came across the program as… it came across as a Google search at the time I was actually looking at Full Sail and the sticker shock of the Full Sail program drove me to doing some further research and that’s how I came up with the recording connection, doing research there. It was a much better deal, not having to move to Florida and being able to work in a studio in my home town.”

“The mentor I work with, he’s fabulous. I love the guy he’s real down to earth, he knows his stuff, he’s a great teacher like he’s got a real great teaching skills which is important too because I’ve met people who can work with the equipment but can’t teach it , it was just awesome to work with him on that. He’s been very helpful.”

“So for myself, because I began with a little more experience then some other students that were just getting started, what I was really looking for was someone who could go above and beyond the basic curriculum and really help me out with applications and what was the stuff that I needed to have shown to me, in depth, or to take my mixing or recording to the next level, because I was already recording and doing all of that stuff before I even went and picked up the phone. So really what I was looking for was all that information and what are the real secrets behind it, you know what I mean?”

“One thing that I learned is there isn’t a really big secret about anything. To being a musician you just have to do it and experience it and listen and pay attention and hopefully not make the same mistakes more than once and that was great. And like I said, before the studio has always been my favorite place to be and I could easily spend 12, 14 hours in the studio without even blinking an eye. It’s like being a fish in water for me, there’s something about that environment whether it’s the creative energy or maybe it’s the people, I don’t know but just being in there is great, the potential that?s there, you know there is nothing else like that for me.”

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Todd Talbot, Denver, CO
Real projects, real studios, real deadlines.
“One thing Jesse told me during our sesson that wasn’t part of the lesson was when I eventually start to work with artists, how important it is to have two hard drives to save the sessions on. A main and a back up. Always. I really appreciated this tip as I could tell from his tone how important he thought this was and he didn’t want me to make the same mistake he did. This is something that I wouldn’t have considered as I thought the studio was responsible for file saving. This was a great tip and shows the quality of mentor that Jesse is.”
— Ryan Catlett, Golden, CO
The fastest way to learn audio engineering in on the job.
“My mentor showed me a lot of the keyboard shortcuts that he uses regularly and some nifty ones that might come in handy sometime. Even though I started this program with a pretty basic knowledge of pro tools, learning something like keyboard shortcuts is very helpful since I’m not sure of those yet.”
— Nick Garrick, Denver, CO
Real Sessions, Real Musicians
“I sat in on a very interesting recording session where I was able to see firsthand the whole process of recording. My mentor and I displayed how to work with clients very well and I learned a lot from just watching. I was excited to get an understanding on how the recording process works and now see it as a challenge that I am more confident in taking on. I am getting over the intimidation factor of the whole process and definitely making progress.”
— Kellen Brewer, Aurora, CO
Learn as you work with real studio equipment.
“I have learned so much within a month. I’m excited to keep going! My mentor is super nice and explains everything really well. I learned so much from mic design and how to use each different type to patch bays and the benefit of having that set up. I’m so excited to move forward!”
Dylan Neise, Westminster, CO

Recording Connection is Audio Education Upgraded for 2021.
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