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Dallas Recording Connection Reviews

Learn Invaluable Skills With Hands-On Training
As the recording industry continues to expand we cannot stress enough how easy it can be to learn your craft from your own hometown. Read below to find some of the invaluable skills one of our members picked up without having to leave home.

“Some stuff I actually picked up life lessons wise from my actual training. I got a lot of skills from mixing. When I first started mixing I went a little of that crazy, I was doing a little too much there so I actually learned to turn it back and just to understand different types of music for different things like EQing some forms, rap music is just simple and plain, just vocals, no need add a ton of extra with but some band it’s crazy and you have all kinds of stuff that’s in there so I just deftly learned to pick my spots on what I use during mixing.”

“You got to be prepared, number one. I can’t stand seeing artist come in unprepared, don’t really know what they’re doing. I mean for the first couple times I understand because it can kind of you little intimidating or whatever but when you see other artists recording for years and they come in consistently late, come in and they have to do this and this and this before they can record, takes half the time and they’re just wasting time. Being prepared is very important to me, knowing your lines from the artist and engineers making sure everything runs smoothly makes for a much more enjoyable experience to work with someone that is prepared ahead of time. I even have a thing about being on time now when people are late because it’s so disrespectful to that person, wasting our time and their time it’s just why do you show 15 to 20 minutes late, why even bother because your paying for this hour you have to be there on time we all know that life gets in the way sometimes.”
Juma Spears, Fort Worth, TX
Work full-time in a professional studio in your area.
“This week during my lesson I had the opportunity to work with another extern who was a few lessons behind where I am. Much like the lessons had progressed in earlier weeks with myself, we began by drilling one another in signal flow, altering inputs and outputs, returns and sends, and cue mixes. Shortly afterward we had the opportunity to catch-up on where I was in my lesson plan and review the patch bay. While I’m still a bit hazy on it as a whole, I can say that with some work I’m confident it will make significantly more sense. At the end of the session I asked my mentor if it would be acceptable for me to audit another student’s class the next day, and he approved. So the very next day I arrived at my mentors studio, and a bit early as well so I could study my own lessons before watching another student who had just received their MBox from the Recording Connection. Eventually the lesson began and I watched as my mentor and another extern imported master sessions, made copies, and assigned I/O’s to Pro Tools. Watching someone else work with Pro Tools helps to make the Recording Connection program seem less intimidating, and is actually incredibly informative. If nothing else, I’m happy I was there so that I could help the student and my mentor with handling Pro Tools on a PC, as opposed to the MAC OS used in the studio. In addition to these lessons, and with the encouragement and suggestion of other students and externs in the studio, I’ve purchased several books on my own, including the AVID released Pro Tools 10 training book, in order to further my education and experience. Having the ability to work with other people who are learning in the same program is amazing; not only is it a great environment, but its fun and informative.”
John Polizzi, Flower Mound, Texas
Begin working hands-on immediately with your mentor in the Recording Connection.
“My first session with my mentor was great, I cannot believe how much I have learned in just my first day in the studio with my brand new mentor, and we even did some hands-on with his professional recording equipment too. While I was doing this I made sure to take down a lot of notes on all the equipment that my mentor trained me on. My first session with the Recording Connection was a success, as well as everything my mentor trained me on. I caught on very quickly with my mentor on just the very first day, as he is awesome and I cannot wait until my next session.”
Damon Marshall, Lancaster, Texas
Work as a team to understand how to work in the music industry.
“Today was a group session with some of the other externs working at the studio with my mentor. First thing we did was talk about bringing my band in for recording again. After getting everyone’s schedule together, my mentor told me to make a schedule that works with me best. I feel like this is supposed to be a small test to get me ready for working in my own studio one day when I will be scheduling my own sessions. After that my mentor took our lessons, again another easy one. One of the other students had gotten his Pro Tools rig, so my mentor helped him set it up while we all watched. Finally, my mentor showed us how to get a session ready on Pro Tools, by making a template for my band whenever we come in. It was easy enough, but my mentor gave me some tips and helped me do things I wouldn’t have thought to do on my own.”
— Adam Grigsbay, Denton, Texas
Develop your skills in Live Sound.
“Today I arrive at the studio to see my mentor and discuss my next Lesson, which is Studio Design and Monitors. This is great because how to get a great sounding room acoustics are a form is what I inquired to gain knowledge about from the beginning when I originally began my application to the Recording Connection program. Knowing where to properly place diffusers and bass traps was a marveled artistry I realized I am now within reach. Being able to sit in a recording studio and actually hear the details of these designs, speaker placement, and other details that go into making a recording studio actually allows me to form a three dimensional way of following the sound. Being able to apply these skills to my own space one day is a goal I hope to accomplish. After studying this chapter, I feel very comfortable with my decision to go into live sound.”
Natalie Nipper, Dallas, Texas

Achieve your goals of becoming a music producer.
“My plan is to finish producing my band’s third album. I’ve also started my own
recording studio and label. Two additional artists have already agreed to join
my label. I’d like to continue doing this for years to come.”
— Doug Benscoter, Fort Worth, TX

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