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Colorado Springs Recording Connection Reviews

Discover multiple points of interest while enrolled in the Recording Connection.

“On this week's lesson my mentor and I were working and going over the Mixing Console again. This is one of my favorite topics. The reason I like working with the mixing console is because it is so hands-on. Not to mention every great audio engineer is very proficient at the console. We also explained the different types of microphones again, and I can tell my mentor really wants me to get the hang of the whole profession. I can honestly say I am becoming more and more interested in playing an instrument along with my engineer training.”

— Corey Lawson, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Learn what it takes to work in professional recording studios.

“Both days with my mentor on my very first week in the Recording Connection were great. The first day, I wrote down all the equipment he had. The soundboard, speakers, hubs, the dead room, live room, microphones, everything. Within the first day he was teaching me what is connected to what equipment, as well as what everything’s doing while recording or mixing is in progress. The second day was awesome as well! On this day we actually went through the wavelengths and the types of waves. Also for the most part he was fixing and mixing a song, therefore, we went through that and what all the little things he had to do to finish this song. Had a great time and really learned a lot. My mentor is a great mentor. The very next week was very interesting as well. That Monday night was really fun, as I arrived and my mentor was with a artist doing an acoustic song that sounded awesome. Then after that we went over the lesson about the bit depth and the sample rate. Then the externship day followed the day, which was awesome as well. I came and my mentor was working with two rappers on a fun track. This day is actually my first day seeing them in the dead room on a mic really recording and editing at the same time. Having a great time in the Recording Connection.”

Andre Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Apply your book studies in a professional recording studio with the help of the Recording Connection.

“Today my mentor and I discussed the science of Sound and Hearing. We discussed that sound waves are referred to as Hertz, and that they can range from 20 to 20,000. We also talked about how the human ear cannot detect any sound frequency that is lower than 50 Hz. I learned that sound is created through the vibration of an object and that a transducer is necessary to convert the vibrations into sounds to be recognized by the brain. I now know that although the maximum amount of sound that is physically possible to be created may be 20,000 Hz, the tissue of the human ear would reach death at a maximum of between 17,000 to 18,000 Hz. I know that if we are exposed to sound at certain Hz levels over a period of set time that it would deteriorate our hearing depending on the situation. Things such as the sound of a jet engine, a power mower, a loud rock concert, are just a few examples of what my mentor and I discussed. Learning this information has already broken down my previous insight and comprehension of sound as I now have opened my mind to truly understanding the dynamic of music as a whole, and I very much am look forward to continue to increase my knowledge as the Recording Connection program goes on.”

— Neville Singh, Fountain, Colorado

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