Cleveland Recording Connection Reviews

Cleveland Recording Connection Reviews

Meet Brian Piper – Recording Connection Success Story

Brian Piper first came across the Recording Connection while studying professional audio at a university. Disillusioned with the lack of real-world experience, he wanted something more. “I really liked the fact that I got put into an actual studio, a running studio that has their own clients,” he says. “I wanted a real life experience, and that’s why the Recording Connection program drew me in.”

Upon graduation from the Recording Connection program in Cleveland, Piper was offered a job as an assistant engineer at the recording studio where he had fulfilled his externship. He is currently building a solid base of clients and is on track to be a full staff engineer. Piper gives his Recording Connection mentor a lot of credit for his success. “He kind of went beyond what I think was expected of him,” says Piper. “I think that’s why I’m where I am today, because I had such a great mentor and such a great recording engineer. I mean, these people aren’t just teachers. They’re actually doing this for a living.”

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Brian Piper, Cleveland, OH

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