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Chicago Recording Connection Reviews

Steve Rivera, Recording Connection Audio StudentGet all the answers straight from the professionals.
“Today we covered Mix Theory. We discussed the importance of organizing a session prior to making your initial adjustments. We covered the initial balancing of levels and the stereo image. We also setup the stage for a recording session taking place in Studio A over the weekend. We setup all the mics, stands, and cables and ran everything into the control room. In the control room we setup patch bay to route all our incoming signals to the appropriate Preamps, Compressors, and Effect units. After a quick test tomorrow morning, the session will be all set to go.”
Steve Rivera, Chicago, IL
Get all the answers straight from the professionals.

Kari DeNeal, Recording Connection Audio Student“For our first official Lesson we went over the entire reading assignment, as well as Quiz, I had been assigned by the Recording Connection. We discussed a few of the question I had prepared myself with, having my mentor clear everything up for me, as well as discussing the transducers and that at my mentors studio he has everything go straight from the microphones to the preamp and into Pro Tools. I asked him what the difference between frequency and pitch was, as I have always known what pitch is but I wasn’t sure how it was different from frequency. Turns out they are closely linked. The pitch is perceived as high or low. Low pitch mean low frequency and high pitch means high frequency. My mentor kind of explained it as frequency is more focused on EQ and measured using Hertz, while pitch is measured using a scale of A-G like keys on a piano. The following day I returned to my mentors’ studio for my second day in the Recording Connection program, which got way more in depth about the different mics they use in the studio. He showed me condenser mics and some dynamic mics along with different brands of mics including Shure, Sennheiser, Blue, and Audix. Then he gave me a preview of Pro Tools and some of the projects he’s been working on. He showed me how he can adjust sounds and manually or automatically adjust a person’s vocal pitch. Then he showed me his Patch Bay, which is apparently an easier way of getting sound from the mic into the preamp and onto Pro Tools without having to remember where each cable in the studio is plugged into. Everything on the Patch Bay is labeled so it’s easier to remember where is where. I am really enjoyed working with my mentor assigned to me by the Recording Connection. He is very patient with me and doesn’t mind me asking ridiculous questions or asking him to repeat things. He definitely knows what he’s doing and I’m glad to be learning from him!”
Kari DeNeal, Danville, Illinois
Work with your very own personal mentor.
“The very first lesson with my mentor assigned by the Recording Connection was pretty simple. We began by going over the questions at the end of the lesson, working on the areas that I got incorrect, which proved to be very useful. Later on that day in the studio with my mentor I got to watch another extern in the studio take an exam, see what I would be looking forward to as the weeks continue with my mentor. During this hands-on session I learned how to wrap cable cords, set up microphone stands, and the type of compressor to use for harsher and rougher tones. What a great first lesson with my mentor and I’m looking forward to the lessons to come as I continue in the Recording Connection program.”
Hollis Marshall, Chicago, Illinois

Gerry Leibnitz, Recording Connection Audio StudentLearn everything there is to know about audio.
“I just read through my text book for school and the thing that just amazes me is the human ears. How they work is so fascinating, especially the ear drum and Malleus, Incus, and Stapes. How they work together is pretty cool, like our own built in hydraulic system.”
Gerry Leibnitz, Hainsville, Illinois
Work with artists of various genres.
“My mentor allowed me to sit in on a tracking/ mixing session with an R&B/Hip-Hop artist. It was really interesting to see their process of working together. I paid attention to how Joe organized his pro-tools session, which was in a way I hadn’t seen before but it made sense. Watching him, it seemed a lot easier than the way I had previously been taught.”
— Mary Sanders, New Lenox, IL

Learn hands-on in a professional recording studio.
“This week was my first official Lesson with my mentor in the Recording Connection. When I first got to the studio my mentor gave me another tour of the studio just to refresh my memory from our initial interview. He showed me what my responsibilities would be as an extern for when I first arrive for each session to get started for the day. Next we started going over my assignment assigned to me by the program, in which my mentor was very good at going into great detail with. After going through the entire lesson my mentor was able to explain to me what amplitude actually is in a couple short sentences. I also sat in on a mastering session for a little bit until I had to leave, which was really great. The following day I went into the studio to go over the Lesson about microphones, which I was told is the beginning of the complicated lessons. However, my mentor and I went over it for quite a while and it started to make a lot more sense. I then got to do some hands-on work where my mentor turned down everything on a song and had me turn them up to where I thought they should go which was exciting for me. I enjoyed being at the studio and I can’t wait to go back and learn more.”
— Jasper MacRae, Naperville, Illinois

Work on your own personal projects, and build your own clientele, using the skills learned from your mentor.
“Things with my mentor are going very well and the studio is a great place. My mentor is an excellent teacher, as he is a little older, and therefore, more wise. He has such a great method of teaching so I can understand the recording industry in general. Overall, I’ve learned so much already from the Recording Connection, it’s amazing! With what I’ve learned so far, I’ve been able to go back and improve my own personal mixes on a lot of my old tracks, also producing the music for a few short film projects now that I have started to fine-tune my skills. I can’t wait to progress further!”
— Vincent Williams, Palatine, Illinois

Learn by doing.
“Today was an extern recording day so one of the employees at the studio had his band come in and all the externs took turns recording different parts. My part was to record the vocals and I really picked up a lot just from watching everyone else, and when it was my turn, I was able to work pretty well, and I was even told this. This session was a great experience and makes me more excited about being at the studio with my mentor. I am starting to understand everything a lot better now and I’m going to start getting more and more into it as the Recording Connection continues.”
— Jasper MacRae, Naperville, Illinois

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