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Charlotte Recording Connection Reviews

Work as a professional audio engineer for your mentor.
“Today at the studio my mentor went over the quiz I had just completed. After this, we changed batteries in his bass guitar and he showed me how to plug the guitar directly into the studio console for recording. As he played the guitar, I recorded him, and I got to learn some functions of the recording process… It was very fun and exciting to actually “man” the controls all by myself. I am looking forward to doing more recording with my mentor in the Recording Connection!”
Jaime Almond, Mooresville, North Carolina

Establish a strong relationship with your mentor.
“Today was the first day of the Recording Connection program where I went to see my mentor. The first thing we did was introduce ourselves, and I was then taken on a brief tour of the studio, shown where each room was, the gear, and the instruments available in my mentor’s studio. We then spent time chatting with each other and getting to know one another. We discussed what instruments we play and the type of music we listen to. I have to say my mentor’s studio is pretty amazing. He told me it took the better part of 5 years to construct the studio. The studio is very well done and my feeling sitting in it was that I am going to really enjoy working with my mentor…I definitely left the studio with much more excitement for the program, even more than I already had. My mentor and I are getting along very well, and I am looking forward to my next session.”
— Robert Waddington, Concord, North Carolina

Learn by doing.
“I had a very productive session today…My mentor had a recording session today, and before the recording artists came in, he wanted me to set up instrumental tracks and click tracks for each song. My mentor and I also spent a good amount of time on operating different compressors. We’re going to get more into that next week because for my next session, my mentor wants me to sit in on one of his sessions. He also wants me to set up the drum mics for the drummer and I’m really looking forward to it.”
Thomas Hairston, Pineville, North Carolina

Record your own music using professional recording equipment.
“Today in the studio my mentor went over the quiz he assigned me, and we also went over all the answers. Next I got to work on my song again, putting chords together and matching them up with the lyrics. My mentor and I set up microphones so that he could play the guitar track for my song. As he played the guitar I recorded him. I have to say, it was really fun being the one at the “controls”, where I learned what to look and listen for as a live recording is going on. I saved the guitar file and now am looking forward to adding vocals, and more instruments to my song. The creative process is electrifying, and being able to learn as I go is a dream come true. I’m having a blast!”
Jaime Almond, Mooresville, North Carolina

Recording Connection is Audio Education Upgraded for 2021.
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