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Busy in Baton Rouge: Recording Connection student Jordan Robertson launches his music production career

For Baton Rouge-based aspiring music producer Jordan Robertson, the idea of working one-on-one with a Grammy-nominated music producer was a long-time dream. Specifically, he had his eye on working with Devon Kirkpatrick (Tony Bennett, Jay Z) at Sockit Studio, but wasn’t sure how to get his foot in the door.

His dream came true, in a remarkable way. As he researched music production schools and alternatives, he came across the Recording Connection, and discovered that not only could he learn in a real recording studio in his area, but that Devon Kirkpatrick was a long-time mentor for the program!

Jordan had a long-standing interest in composing for film, and he wasted no time making the most of the opportunity to learn from one of the music industry’s most noted veterans.

“I brought in some of my original music, and he evaluated my technique that I was using thus far,” he says. “[It] was an orchestral-type piece, and he noticed the panning of the cellos and instruments. He recommended how I should pan those particular instruments….[Devon said,] ‘There’s really no wrong way, but I’m gonna show you the right way.’”

Jordan turned out to be a natural in the studio, and not only did he complete the basic externship, but he even stayed on with Devon to take the master’s course, learning mixing and mastering more thoroughly. These days, Jordan continues to freelance out of Sockit Studio as a music producer, working with a number of bands and artists playing in a diversity of genres ranging from funk to hip-hop/dubstep to reggaeton. He’s also launched his own online production company, Fiya Records Productions, which allows clients to upload their tracks directly to be mixed.

Now busy establishing himself in the Baton Rouge music scene, Devon still has long-term plans to compose and produce music for film. But he’s grateful for the engineering and production skills he’s learned that are enabling him to generate income. He credits the Recording Connection for putting him on the path.

“I learned a lot about myself as a musician and producer since I started with the Recording Connection,” he says. “My whole work flow producing music has changed.”

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