Recording Connection mentor Nick Joswick of 5th Street Studios talks mentorship, music, and the Austin music scene…

5th Street Studios - Austin, TXAustin is one of those towns that you always hear about. It’s a thriving city that has an arts scene that hasn’t been completely polluted. It’s a city where things happen and people create interesting works. It’s a city where creative individuals flock.

In many ways, Recording Connection mentor Nick Joswick exemplifies that type of creative person. He has passion and skill. He’s a trained craftsman who’ll go above and beyond for the projects that he’s working on. He’s a rare breed of creative. He’s recorded and mixed work for Morcheeba, Black Pistol Fire, The Austin and White Denim. He works out of the always-busy 5th Street Studios in Austin’s extremely hip downtown district.

Nick has a passion for creating interesting works. He also has a passion for facilitating said works. Thus, he’s taken up as a Recording Connection mentor. He’s helped countless students create interesting work while externing under him. He’s also helped them gain real world experience and make valuable connections within the Austin music industry.

It’s mentors like Nick who make our program so popular. They push their students to be successful, while still making sure that they have fun and meet the right people.

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