Recording Connection graduate Chris Locke: Finding his niche in hip-hop

Recording Connection graduate Chris LockeExamining the life of Recording Connection graduate Chris Locke of Austin, Texas, it’s very easy to come away with two lessons learned. Simply put, find your niche and you have to work for everything you get.

If you were just meeting Chris for the first time you’d probably be under the impression that he’d just gotten lucky. The truth couldn’t be further from that assessment. Chris, a fixture of the Austin Hip-Hop scene, has a reputation for his unique vocal style and signature production style. “I work with nearly 85% of the hip-hop community here in Austin,” Chris says. “There are three engineers at the studio where I work. I work like 60 to 70 hours a week. I don’t have to worry about finding business anymore. It comes to me.”

Chris was able to forge these connections through being in the scene, working hard, and never stopping. He originally externd (externed) under Nick Joswick at 5th Street Studios in Austin. The Recording Connection externship/externship that Chris undertook was the little push he needed. He made some valuable connections that opened the floodgates. Now look at where he is.

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