Recording Connection extern Lindsey Kappa adds audio engineering to her musical abilities

RC extern Lindsey KappaLong before she enrolled in the Recording Connection in Austin, Texas, Lindsey Kappa had been serious about building a career in music. Learning a variety of instruments and developing her vocal chops, she was already writing her own songs and performing live gigs as a teenager. At the same time, she felt that being versatile and realistic were key to reaching her dreams, so when her cousin suggested she check out sound engineering as a way to supplement herself, she took his advice.

“It was something that I thought not only sounded awesome,” says Lindsey, “but it was a way for me to keep music in my life and doing it for living, both at the same time, getting the bills paid.”

Lindsey started her training at IPR in Minneapolis, MN, and by age 20 had earned an associates degree in audio engineering—but she could already tell she needed more hands-on training. “I knew I wanted some more experience, I wanted to advance my abilities,” says Lindsey, “so I did some research and found Recording Connection.”

Right around that time, Lindsey’s mother took a job offer in Austin, the “Live Music Capital of the World.” It seemed like the perfect time to make a complete change, so Lindsey didn’t even stick around to attend graduation ceremonies. “On my last day of school, I got my diploma in an office,” she says. “Just got my all my stuff and pretty much drove from Minnesota to Texas.”

Soon after enrolling in the Recording Connection, she was placed as an extern at The Bubble in Austin, TX with noted producer/engineer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Slayer, The Dandy Warhols). “I went to the studio, and I met with Frenchie,” she says. “I knew that were we a good match, because I don’t know, just something about his attitude and his behavior just really makes you feel ‘Okay, these things are going to get done, you know this is awesome.’”

Scorpion Child and Chris 'Frenchie' Smith, center.Getting more hands-on in the studio was just what Lindsey needed, and Frenchie got her involved in real recording projects from the start. Since beginning her externship, Lindsey has not only earned actual album credits for her assistance on a project by label rock band Scorpion Child, but she’s even gotten to put her singing talents to work, as well!

“[One of the engineers] was given a project to provide music for this documentary,” she says. “He asked me if I could provide some vocals, and we did one track, and he loved my vocals very much. He ended up showing the client, who is in charge of the project, and they loved my vocals as well. So they are going to have me sing on pretty much on the entire piece.”

As Lindsey finishes her externship in Austin, she feels that her training has given her a stronger sense of confidence as a music professional, and while her dream of singing professionally hasn’t wavered, she feels capable of filling any of a number of roles.

“My confidence with music has definitely been boosted,” says Lindsey. “The biggest thing that I want out of music, just in the music industry in general, is I would love to not only sing professionally but be able to go out there and say, ‘Hey, I can engineer my own stuff, you know.’ I can not only make my own stuff and perform my own stuff, but actually do the behind-the-scenes for it as well.”

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