Producer/MC and Recording extern Ferrell Martin: Making it his own way

Ferrell MartinIt’s true what they say about working hard. It is the key to success. Few people in the Recording Connection work as hard as Ferrell Martin. He’s the definition of self-starter. Before he enrolled in the Recording Connection, you know how Ferrell made enough money to book studio time to record himself? By starting a bicycle rickshaw business in Austin’s downtown district.

Ferrell is an MC and rapper. He was hustling, paying for studio time, and attempting to play gigs all at once. Ultimately, something had to give. So he figured, he’d kill two birds with one stone. He’d learn how to be an engineer and produce his own tracks by enrolling as a Recording Connection extern.

Ferrell was paired with Nick Joswick of 5th Street Studios. The two got along swimmingly and a creative and professional relationship blossomed. “Nick knew what he was doing. He is more in the realm of recording and engineering full bands, even though I’m more of a hip-hop guy. What he did was still so awesome.”

Ferrell is currently on tour nationwide, working to advance his solo career but the skills he’s gained will enable him to get the quality and sound he wants. While in the program Ferrell not only gained valuable real-world experience, but also made industry connections that will follow him for the rest of his career. And, he doesn’t have to worry about rickshaws any longer. So that’s a bonus.

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