Here’s what Recording student Michael Ilumin has been up to!

Here’s what Recording student Michael Ilumin has been up to!

Michael IluminSix months is a long time, a really long time. Your life can change a lot in six months. For Michael Ilumin six months has meant a world of difference. Being a nurse is definitely rewarding for Michael since as a surgical nurse, he’s often helping save someone’s life. Nevertheless, Michael found himself yearning to express himself creatively. Despite having gone to school for a few years, and working hard to get where he was, Michael wasn’t 100% fulfilled.

So he went back to the drawing board. What made him happy? What did he love? Ultimately, the answer he came up with was music. Music was the answer.

So Michael took the reins and began to make some changes. He decided that while working as a nurse he would pursue music as a career. So, he enrolled in the Recording Connection. He was paired with Nick Joswick at 5th Street Studios in Austin, Texas and he started to get to work. He applied himself, he worked hard, and he made connections within the music industry. Ultimately, he made enough connections within the industry to open enough doors for himself to move to Los Angeles. This is the type of upward mobility you can achieve by enrolling in the Recording Connection. All it takes is the work ethic and some connections and you can forge a career for yourself that you love, not just tolerate.

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