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Atlanta Recording Connection Reviews

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While recording studios are not rare these days finding one that can provide a quality education is. So while we understand how many can be skeptical about the opportunities we provide take it from one of our successful graduates and have an open mind about what we can give to you!

“It was pretty interesting because from the outside of the studio it just seemed like a normal building but when you go inside like I had never been in a studio like that before and for me it was very overwhelming be in a place like that. Cortez (my mentor) came in and I met him and to tell you the truth everything went really great at first I was a little bit nervous after he came in it was all good I thought we were going to make all the questions but it was actually pretty laid-back.&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;At first when I went in I felt kind of like a freshman in high school, kind of like just looking out to everyone because everyone already knows what they’re doing I am just kind of like the new guy there and especially when he first put me on the computer and told me to work on ProTools and he told me, “Alright you got to do what I just did” it was a little bit scary but at the same time it was fun you know, starting to work and what I wanted to work on and little by little I actually made friends with a lot of people there and I learned a lot. I would ask questions to not just Cortez but to the other people that were working there, like this songwriters there and other engineers or the producers, and I would just have conversations with them just try to learn as much as I could about the business of music recording.&#8221;<br /> <span class="successName">&#8212; <a href="https://students.recordingconnection.com/atlanta/AbdielRodriguez/">Peter Rodriguez, Merietta, GA</a></span><br /> <strong><span class="successTitle">Learn how to run concerts with the help of your mentor</span></strong><br /> &#8220;Today, my mentor and I finished up a drum sample library that we had started to record the week. We went over all the different ways to mic up drums, and how to get different sounds. The next day with my mentor, we had a rapper come in unexpectedly and wanted to do 4 hours of a recording session. This was the first recording session with my mentor and it was awesome! He also put me on the board for a little bit during the session. The following day I came into my mentors studio right as they were starting a session for one of our clients who does children songs. This client brought his Dj equipment out and played some music out front while we were setting up. The next day I helped my mentor set up for a concert, where I helped set up everything from setting cones up outside for parking, cleaning the concert room out, and helping the Dj&#8217;s set up any equipment, even also setting up the lighting inside. Overall, it was a good night and I had lots of fun and met a lot more people who were the promoters and Dj&#8217;s!&#8221;<br /> <span class="successName">&#8212; Elliot Rubenstein, Marietta, Georgia</span><br /> <strong><span class="successTitle">Real People- Real Recording Sessions</span></strong><br /> &#8220;At my session today with my mentor, I had been dying to learn how to mic a drum kit! I got to learn how to do this, as well as got a chance to mic my mentors’ guitar while he was playing, as well as record him. So I guess this could be considered my first recording! Then, I got to sit in on another session with my mentor and a recording artist, where I gave feedback to the artist, which the artist used!&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;This was an AWESOME lesson! I really enjoyed it. It was cool to learn about the different kind of mics, as well as how they work. I also learned about their polar patters, and how to use them to my benefit. After my lesson with my mentor that the <a href="/school-locations/atlanta/contact/">Recording Connection</a> gave me, miking the drums made a lot more sense and it was very interesting!&#8221;<br /> <span class="successName">&#8212; Antwan Caldwell, Griffin, Georgia</span><br /> <strong><span class="successTitle">Learn by doing.</span></strong><br /> &#8220;In addition to the in studio work, we did a FOH live sound for an event in Atlanta. I assisted at the board and we did serval other tasks like sound checks, we routed some new mic&#8217;s and so forth. We also recorded the event to DAT, CD and Cassette.I learned while doing instead of talking about it in a classroom.&#8221;<br /> <span class="successName">&#8212; Richard Brannon, Atlanta, GA</span></p> </div>

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