Recording Connection mentor Felipe “AudioFlip” Frazier encourages hands-on learning, trying new things!

Mentor Felipe Frazier, aka "AudioFlip"The Recording Connection is what it is today because of a certain type of person: Go-getters. Self-starters. Those are the types of people who are both mentors within the program and applicants, attempting to pave their way in the world of audio engineering and music production. Felipe Frazier aka AudioFlip of East Atlanta Records is one of those people.
Felipe is rapidly building a reputation for himself a one of the go-to producers and engineers in the Georgia scene. He’s working with a number of underground and as-yet-undiscovered artists as well as doing audio for numerous films.

Felipe has had many offers to come and work at other studios and to be a staffed audio engineer. He’s contemplated taking the positions a few times, but ultimately he’s opted to bet on himself. He works for himself because of the creative freedom it affords him. At the end of the day he’d rather chart his own course than work for someone else.

This self-reliant, can-do attitude and approach is one that he’s imparting to his Recording Connection externs(externs), whether their goals are a great job in an established studio, building studios of their own, or hitting the scene and recruiting fresh, new talent. He’s constantly emphasizing the importance of being the first one to throw your hat in the ring and the last one to take it out. There aren’t enough people who enjoy doing hard work, and Felipe knows this. That’s why he’s been so successful. He’s always the hardest working person in the room. And his externs/externs learning to be the same way.

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