Recording Connection graduate Geoffrey Goodwin impresses his mentor and lands a job!

Recording Connection graduate Geoffrey GoodwinGeoffrey Goodwin has been working hard in his externship to Brian Stephens of Bonzo Tunes Studio in Atlanta, GA. He’s been showing up, doing the work, and keeping a smile on his face the entire time. Well, all that hard work has paid off. Geoffrey is getting hired on full time at Bonzo Tunes Studio.

“Geoff was easily the best student I’ve had in the 14 years that I’ve been training audio engineers,” Brian said. “He was so good that after completion of his externship that I had to hire him.

Geoff is one of many stories where the extern works side by side with the mentor and then after the program is completed, the extern is hired to work full time in the studio. It’s a reality of the business. Why would you hire someone you’ve only just been in an interview with when you can hire someone you’ve been working side by side with for months.

Geoff and Brian are both hardworking, diligently capable perfectionists so it makes sense that they would get along and work so well together. Brian has been helping Geoff foster a creative network, gain experience and learn the ways of the industry. Now it’s time for Geoff to step up and use his knowledge to help Brian run his business.

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