Apprentice / Extern Kowan May works on music video with Dej Loaf and recruits Tony Port!

kowan-may-mixingKowan May is a Recording Connection extern who, like many others, understands the hustle: the need to put bread on the table, the need to generate your own leads.

As such, in addition to making the rounds and fulfilling his duties as a Recording Connection extern, Kowan also has been taking it upon himself to find new talent in the Atlanta area to record and produce. Kowan has enlisted artist Tony Port. And while no one is using the studio, Kowan is recording and mixing Port’s album. Why? Because he knows that you have to make your own success. It’s just that simple. You have to put yourself out there and make your own trail.

Kowan wouldn’t have the connections or the skills to be able to do this project with Port if he hadn’t enrolled in the Recording Connection’s program. It’s just that simple.

“Working with Ty is really cool. He’s going to pull the best out of you, and I like that,” Kowan says of working with his Recording Connection mentor. And he’s right. Ty Harris of Penthouse Studios in Atlanta, GA. Is one of the best recording studios in the area. And for good reason. Ty runs a tight ship and it shows in the work he produces.

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