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Brian Zadel, EDM Musician, wins a full scholarship with the Recording Connection!

Brian Zadel, Albuquerque Recording Connection Student

While watching an episode of Pensado’s Place, Brian Zadel saw an ad for a Recording Connection contest that would offer a completely free ride to the winner. He applied and low and behold, he won!

‘They said they were hosting a fee scholarship,” Brian said. “And just I just decided to try and take advantage of that. I didn’t have to pay anything to enter. I just put my name in and eventually they announced that I had won.

The Recording Connection placed Brian with Dick Orr of John Wagner Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He’s been immersed in a variety of projects since then. He’s been working side by side with real industry professionals, learning and building skills in a hands-on manner, and making connections throughout the music and recording industry.

Brian is focusing on electronic styles of music like dubstep and electro. He’s working towards becoming a producer himself. All this, because he applied for a contest. Just imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t had put his name in?

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