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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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While it seems like a no-brainer, sometimes people overlook the added costs of relocation and living expenses when going to school. These costs can have a significant impact on the price of your education.

Another problem with relocating to go to school is that you will most likely have to quit your current job and try to find a new job where your school is located, along with just about every other student who's enrolled there. We’re not saying this can’t be done, but in today’s economy, it's a lot harder than it used to be. Besides–if your goal is to break into the music business as an audio engineer, music producer or live sound technician, why would you want to waste your time finding a new day job in a strange and new city with a higher cost of living than where you are right now? Let Recording Connection bring the school to you.

Yes, it's true that New York and Los Angeles are the hubs of the music business, but that does not mean you cannot get a decent audio education (and a job in a recording studio) right where you live. Our suggestion: attend a Recording Connection Audio Institute in your city or town first, gain the necessary experience and connections, and then consider moving to New York or Los Angeles. However, considering that our audio program connects you with a real recording studio, you might never need to leave home. That being said, if you're looking to make it big as a Music Producer, please see our exciting new Advanced Audio Program.

Because our audio engineering school is located in real recording studios in just about every city or town in the world, and because your classroom is in that recording studio– with our program, you could now go to audio school in Los Angeles, music producing school in New York, audio engineering school in Philadelphia, music recording school in Nashville, audio school in Miami, recording school in Austin, music school in Chicago, recording school in Phoenix, audio engineering school in Vancouver, music recording school in London, music producing school in Sydney, audio school in Hamburg, sound engineering school in Rome, music school in Madrid…Get the point?

While you’re considering whether to attend the Recording Connection Audio Institute in your home city, or perhaps make the move to New York or Los Angeles, take a moment and see what students from across the United States have said about their local Recording Connection Audio Institute. In as little as six months, you’ll learn the ins and outs of audio engineering and music producing, and you’ll be qualified to work in recording studios around the country. You’ll learn the right way to do things, the way the pros do it (plus those tricks of the trade that often aren’t taught in classrooms).

Best of all, the Recording Connection courses are among the least expensive anywhere and are a great investment in YOU! Can’t stand your current job? Bored with your life? Can't get no satisfaction? Do you dream of putting out great sounds from behind the mixing board? Learn where you earn with the Recording Connection. Schedule your classes around your day job. No need to relocate.

Something that's often overlooked in determining the cost of education are the relocation, rooming and board charges. Recording Connection makes it possible to eliminate those costs by providing you a "working classroom" in a real recording studio located within easy commuting distance from where you already live. In addition, through Recording Connection’s "flex scheduling" it’s often possible to fit your working classroom time around your current job schedule. That means you won't be paying anything for relocation, or room and board expenses and you can keep earning money from your current job while you learn.

Our teachers are not career classroom instructors; they are actually mentors because they’re working every day in the real world and making money in the music business. We believe mentors make the best teachers, especially if the focus of your education is to get employment. Additionally, by learning in a real recording studio, you get exposed to a multitude of industry contacts– clients, music producers, record executives, agencies—all the people who can help you get a job in the entertainment field of your choice.

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“Job Assistance has been helpful being in Spain. I’m looking forward to getting my business put together.”

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Recording Connection Advantages

by Brian Kraft
Chief Academic Officer and COO
for Recording, Radio, Film and Culinary Connection

One of the questions we get asked the most is, "Where are you located?" Without being smug, we can usually answer this question by asking you, "Where are you located?" That's because our programs for audio engineers, music producers or sound technicians are available anywhere there is a recording studio and a qualified (approved by us) audio engineer or music producer to mentor (teach) you our curriculum while they show you the ropes of being inside the music business.

If you think about it, this truly is a huge advantage for you. There are significant costs associated with moving to another city or town to attend a recording school. There's travel, there's rent (and a security deposit in most cases), moving expenses (unless you live out of a suitcase). There's also significant disruption in your life when you move away from your family, friends and connections. Of course, if you are dead set upon moving from home to the big city, we can accommodate you — remember, we have locations available in most cities and towns in the United States.

It really comes down to you. Do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Obviously, a great deal of music is produced and recorded in major markets, especially Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Austin. But equally true is the fact that a lot of music is produced and recorded in small markets as well. Simply put, there are more job opportunities in the major markets and more competition for those jobs as well, than there are in smaller markets. It really comes down to you — what is your comfort zone and where do you want to start your career in the music business? In other words, we recommend if you have a town or city that you want to live and work in, we recommend that as the location you choose for taking our program.

The reason is simple: as you study our curriculum and apprentice (extern) inside a real, open for business, recording studio, you will be building up connections in the music business. Most of these connections will be local in nature, so it only makes sense that if you want to live and work in Des Moines, Iowa that you study in Des Moines, Iowa. That's because connections are the life blood of the music business — you won't get work unless you get connections. And while a great connection in Des Moines, Iowa will be of great value to the student who lives and wants to work there, that connection will be of little use in Dallas, Texas (or anywhere outside of Des Moines).

There's another practical advantage to learning where you already live. Many of our students have jobs and want to keep their job while they study. That's easy to do if your school is located in the same place where your job is. It's impossible to do if you have to move to attend school. The nice thing about the recording industry is that it's not a nine to five business. This means that it's usually easy to come up with a schedule for your in-studio apprenticeship (externship) that revolves around your job schedule. This allows you to keep your income coming in while you study, rather than digging yourself further in the hole while you relocate to study.

If you are serious about becoming an audio engineer, music producer, sound technician or recording studio owner, we are your best alternative — we have more locations in the United States than all other audio schools combined.

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