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While it seems like a no-brainer, sometimes people overlook the added costs of relocation and living expenses when going to school. These costs can have a significant impact on the price of your education.

Another problem with relocating is that you will most likely have to quit your current job and try to find a new job where your school is located, along with just about every other student who’s enrolled there. We’re not saying this can’t be done but in today’s economy, it’s a lot harder than it used to be. Besides–if your goal is to work in the music business as an audio engineer, music producer or live sound technician, why would you want to waste your time finding a new day job in a new city with a higher cost of living than where you are right now? Let Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools bring the school to you via our externship approach to training in audio engineering, music production, or live sound.

It’s true that New York and Los Angeles are the hubs of the music business, but that does not mean you cannot get a decent audio education (and a job in a recording studio) right where you live. Our suggestion: attend a Recording Connection externship location in your city or town first, gain experience and connections, and then consider moving to New York or Los Angeles if you so choose. However, considering that our audio program places you in a recording studio where music gets made, you might never need to leave your home city. Already know the basics but want to learn more? See Recording Connection for Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production.

Because our audio engineering externship locations are located in pro recording studios in many major cities and towns in the world, and because your classroom is in that recording studio– with our program, you could now learn audio engineering in Los Angeles, learn music producing in New York, learn audio engineering in Philadelphia, music recording in Nashville, audio engineering in Miami, music recording in Austin, music producing in Chicago, audio engineering in Vancouver, audio engineering and/or music producing in London, music producing in Sydney, audio engineering in Hamburg, sound engineering in Rome, music production in Madrid. You get the point.

While you’re considering whether to attend the Recording Connection in your home city, or plan on making the move to New York or Los Angeles, take a moment and see what our students/externs have to say about what we do. In as little as six months, you’ll learn the ins and outs of audio engineering and music producing. You’ll have the opportunity to train as an extern to a professional audio engineer or music producer who can teach you the skills that often aren’t found in textbooks or classrooms.

Best of all, the Recording Connection programs are a great investment in YOU! Can’t stand your current job? Bored with your life? Can’t get no satisfaction? Do you dream of putting out great sounds from behind the mixing board? Learn where you earn with the Recording Connection.

With Recording Connection you can schedule your externship training to work with your schedule and complete the eBook coursework on your own. Can’t stand your current job? Bored with your life? Can’t get no satisfaction? Do you dream of putting out great sounds from behind the mixing board? Learn right where music gets made with Recording Connection.

Something that’s often overlooked in determining the cost of education is relocation, rooming and board charges. Recording Connection makes it possible to eliminate those costs by providing you a “working classroom” in a recording studio located within commuting distance from where you live. In addition, through Recording Connection’s “flex scheduling” it’s often possible to fit your working classroom time around your current job schedule. Expenses for relocation, room and board are no longer a factor and you can keep earning money from your current job while you learn.

Our teachers are not career classroom instructors; they are actually mentors because they’re working every day in the real world and are making money in the music business. We believe mentors make the best teachers, especially if the focus of your education is to get employment. Additionally, by learning in a recording studio, you get exposed to a multitude of industry contacts– clients, music producers, record executives, agencies—people who are well situated to potentially help you get a job in the industry. Your externship enables you to connect with a working music professional while you train. Doing well and showing your level of drive and determination is up to you.

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“Job Assistance has been helpful being in Spain. I’m looking forward to getting my business put together.”

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