Recording Connection Partners with Russell Simmons and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation

Famous Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons’ recently had his people call The Recording Connection to help out an aspiring music producer in New York City. We were so impressed with this young man that we paid for his tuition and he is currently attending the world famous Quad Studios in New York as an apprentice (extern) with our program.

People are always hungry for the story of an under dog – Someone dealt a bad hand but triumphs over adversity. While human interest stories all over the country are spreading the word of farmers markets and walk-a-thons, often times the most common problems are over looked. In the 80’s and 90’s inner-city children and African American communities were showcasing the talents many had ignored for hundreds of years. In time that voice of social equality faded under the style of Pop. Today our Hip-Hop artists use street-life and party-atmospheres to represent today’s African American Artists.

While plenty of good is being done to improve communities nation wide, that spotlight has shifted from helping people achieve their dreams through a quality education. Yet making a living in the arts is usually reserved for those who succumb to popular music or short-lived popularity.

Today, a new direction is being forged to give inner-city artists the chance to cultivate their talents from within their community. The Recording Connection has extended it’s proven method of teaching audio engineering and music production to those less fortunate. Their mission, to empower tomorrows’ artists, will be going to places where positive influences are needed more than ever.

To make sure the right individuals are getting this opportunity The Recording Connection has partnered with The Rush Philanthropic Foundation to create a unique scholarship opportunity. Together, they hope to provide access to the arts to inner-city youths across the nation.

Back in 1995 The Rush Philanthropic Foundation was started by the famous Simmons brothers: Danny Simmons, a visual artist and community leader, Russell Simmons, media mogul + social activist and hip-hop producer / musician Joseph (Rev. Run) Simmons. All together they founded groups like Run-DMC, Def Poetry Jam, Def Jam Records, produced shows such as Def Comedy Jam, Run’s House, Def Poetry (also on broadway), started clothing lines, jewelry lines and MUCH more. Their goal is to bridge the gaps todays poor and minorities face by showcasing their work.

Qualifying students will get the chance to participate in two uniques programs:

The Audio Program for audio engineering and music production a 6 month apprenticeship (externship). This puts students in a working recording studio in his or her home town. There they study our world-renowned curriculum while working one-on-one with an industry professional. This gives the student the chance to translate book work from theory to practicality.

Once completed, each student will also have the opportunity to join The Recording Connection’s Advanced Audio Program. This additional apprenticeship (externship) (another 6 months, one-on-one in the studio) expands The Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation the students knowledge of the recoding process. Here scholarship winners can hone skills beyond our traditional course without making sacrifices to afford such an education.

To learn more about this scholarship visit catalog_items/308818 or share your support with The Recording Connection or The Rush Philanthropic Foundation.