Ric McRae, one of our teachers and Producer for the great Kanye West is now accepting applicants to learn in his studio as an apprentice (extern) - Only through the Recording Connection.

Ric McRae, Producer for Kanye West, is a Recording Connection Mentor
This is Ric’s studio, your classroom with the Recording Connection, the only program that gets you in the door of a Real Recording Studio as an apprentice (extern).

More on Ric McRae – Music Producer / Recording Connection Teacher

Ric has been working in the music industry for many many years. He has a high profile client list and an amazing studio. His studio, Konscious Recording Studios in Santa Monica, California is one of the most cutting edge facilities in existence.

Ric McCrae has worked with Kanye, Sleepy Brown, Polo the Don, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Run DMC, Stevie Wonder, 2Pac, Genuwine, Kendrick Lamar, Young Buck, Frank Ocean, Just Blaze, NAS, Will Smith, DJ Khalil and many more. Needless to say, if you’re working with Ric you’re going to be meeting some pretty powerful people. But it’s more than just the talent. You’ll be meeting their engineers, producers, and record label execs. You’ll be making connections hand over fist.

The Recording Connection makes it so you learn and gain experience simultaneously. You are the only person standing between yourself and a career in the music industry. Apply right now. Quick, before it’s too late.

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Ric McRae, Producer for Kanye West, is a Recording Connection Mentor
The Recording Connection Audio School, the only program with the major connections to get you trained inside a real recording studio as an apprentice (extern), is now accepting applications to learn under Rick McRae, and hundreds of other famous music producers, composers and audio engineers.

How to Learn Music Producing and Engineering +
How to Break Into the Music Business:


Learn from a Professional like Ric McRae as his apprentice (extern) in his studio, where you will have a shot to prove yourself.


Avoid over-priced trade schools that train you in a classroom or labs.


Become a Recording Connection Apprentice and learn one on one from the very person who is making the music you listen to and admire.



– OR –

Ric McRae, who is undoubtedly one of the Recording Connection Audio Engineering School’s most acclaimed mentors.

When you enroll in the Recording Connection you’re doing two things. You’re learning the tricks of the trade, the craft, and the nuts and bolts and you’re enabling yourself to make connections. In creative industries knowing people is extremely important. It just is. You need to know people, and people need to know you so that you can outlets for your talents. In the Recording Connection you’ll be learning from a mentor. You’ll be working everyday with them. You’ll be picking up new skills and making new connections.

Ric McRae, Producer for Kanye West, is a Recording Connection Mentor