Recording Tips - Know Your Limits

(Don't Try to Be the "Iron Man of the Studio")

As a species, human beings are pretty flawed. We already know that we can't hear as well as dogs. And we can't see as precisely as an eagle, nor do we have the endurance of oxen, horses or the camel.

Accept it, we're pretty wimpy! So don't try to prove all of your worth in one 15-hour mix session. Recognize that you have limits.

I personally have hated (and usually had to remix) anything I've done beyond 6 hours at a time. That's about it for me. It may be 4 hours for you. If I take appropriate breaks, I can stretch my day if I watch the dB level, but "a man's got to know his limitations."

Watch the volume and take care of yourselves out there, okay?


Lynn Allred
Berry Music Group
Kansas City, KS

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