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Miking the Kick Drum

You can record a kick drum using two mics and have ultimate control of thickness and punch. Here's how: Use a mike that has a high SPL (sound pressure level) to mike the inside of the kick, close to the head. Move the mike around to get the best ... Read More

Studio Etiquette

My Dad was always replete with colloquialisms: "Always put your mind in gear before you put your mouth in motion." "It's not what you say as much as how you say it." "If you say nothing, people will think you don't know anything; but as soon as you open ... Read More

Know Your Limits

(Don't Try to Be the "Iron Man of the Studio") As a species, human beings are pretty flawed. We already know that we can't hear as well as dogs. And we can't see as precisely as an eagle, nor do we have the endurance of oxen, horses or the ... Read More

Miking Techniques

Microphone Selection and Placement   Standard techniques for miking snare drums, guitars and vocals are well-documented, but sometimes unusual situations can trip you up in the studio. Here are a couple of tricks: If the drum set you're miking has six or more toms, individually miking each tom may ... Read More

Eliminate Hum and Buzz Now

This is one of the most evasive and frustrating phenomena ever to invade our workstations. Let's get rid of it! Use only one A/C "breaker" line for your workspace. No shared appliances (ie: refrigerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher). Do not "daisy-chain" power strips, one after another. Use only one power strip ... Read More

The Dangers of EQ

  Roger Nichols, famous for his work with Steely Dan, has a philosophy about recording tracks with EQ: "Don't." Here are some guidelines for controlling the use of EQ in the studio: Equalizers can be wonderful tools for the shaping and toning of sound. They can also be weapons ... Read More

Recording Studios in the U.S.A.

Because the Recording Connection trains all its students in real recording studios, we naturally have connections with hundreds of great studios across the United States. We pride ourselves on pairing up and coming recording industry professionals with currently working pros. If you have a recording project in the works or ... Read More

Recording Tips

Optimum Monitoring Environment Normal construction — parallel walls, sheetrock, 2×4's, plywood, insulation, hollow floors and doors, etc. — may be robbing you of the clarity and proper sound imaging that you need from your monitor speakers. Try these steps for improving the situation: Locate your monitor speakers one to ... Read More

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