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I Want To Be a Hip-Hop Star
I Want To Be a Hip-Hop Star

I Want To Be a Hip-Hop Star

Many young people dream of becoming a hip-hop star when they grow up. Perhaps you grew up watching Nas, Tupac or Jay Z on television and thought, “I want to do that!” It’s not an easy task, but with the right strategies and a lot of dedication, it can be done. One thing to consider is that you’re not the only person who wants to become a hip-hop star. In fact, the competition is quite fierce, which means you need to be smart and look for ways to stand out from the crowd. We’re not talking about outrageous behavior; we’re talking about your whole approach to breaking into the business. You have to look for the place of advantage—look for avenues not many people are trying. One way to get the advantage is to gain a solid working knowledge of music production. Let’s face it: few rappers and hip-hop artists go to college to study music, mainly because there aren’t that many programs out there that teach hip-hop as a musical style.  Going to a trade or technical school can help, but there are even better ways of getting your feet wet. Most hip-hop artists produce their own music, so the more you can learn about producing and beat making, the better. A great way to do that is simply to find a mentor, someone already working in the industry who is willing to train you in the art of hip-hop production, and hopefully teach you some things about the music business, as well. Another thing you need to learn is how to promote yourself and your music. Most indie acts today built their followings on the Internet, so the more you can learn about getting your music posted online and using your social networks to build interest, the more likely you are to gain the interest of a record label down the road.  Again, it helps to have some sort of mentor, someone who has traveled this path before you. So to sum up, really you need three things in place to become a hip-hop star:
  1. You need talent and skill—a working knowledge of music. (Hopefully you’ve already spent years developing these skills.)
  2. You need a working knowledge of music production and some experience in a recording studio.
  3. You need to market yourself—to find your audience, typically through the Internet.
With all these things, again, formal schooling can help, but it won’t get you all the way to where you want to go. What you really need is some personal mentoring from someone with experience in the hip-hop field. The Recording Connection realizes this, which is why we’ve developed one of the few hip-hop training programs in the world that actually pairs you with a working hip-hop professional for mentoring.  There’s no better way to become a hip-hop star in this market than to be mentored by a real hip-hop pro.

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