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Taking Charge of Your Recording Education
Taking Charge of Your Recording Education

Taking Charge of Your Recording Education

Whether you go to a conventional audio engineering school, or whether you go through an externship program like the Recording Connection, one thing is certain when it comes to your recording education: you only get out of it what you put into it. Even when we put you in a real recording studio for one-on-one training with a mentor, that alone isn’t enough to make you successful. The curriculum doesn’t guarantee success, either. And no matter how many industry pros you meet along the way, they won’t do you any good if you don’t follow up with them.

The point is, your success in this course, and in this industry, mainly depends on you. It depends on what you do with the opportunities you’re given. You have to have a “take charge” attitude when it comes to your career. Here are some common-sense tips on how to make the most of your Recording Connection course, and how to take charge of your recording education.


You’ll be assigned a certain amount of “class time” in the recording studio, but our experience is that the students who are most successful are the ones who are there beyond their class time. Hang out in the studio, as often as your mentor will allow it. Don’t just waste time while you’re there—make yourself useful. Become a part of what’s happening. Many of our students work themselves right into a job just by being so involved with their mentor’s studio that they become indispensible.


You’ll get plenty of hands-on training in the studio, but the more you practice recording and mixing on your own, the better you’ll get at doing it. You’ll be given a copy of Pro Tools: practice the heck out of it at home. Bring your mixes into the studio and let your mentor hear and critique them. Hone your skills, and you’ll be more in demand when you start actually working.


You’re not just in the recording studio to learn; you’re also there to connect. We’ll be honest—your Recording Connection certificate isn’t necessarily going to open a lot of doors for you in the music industry. But the truth is, no diploma or degree from any school will open those doors, because that’s not how the business works. The jobs you get in this business will come from the people you know. In a recording school, you’re in prime position to meet and connect with the people who can one day hire you—so go for it! From clients to producers to engineers to other industry pros, get to know people who come to the studio. Strike up conversations, get names and numbers, and follow up.

Your choice of recording school is important (and if you’re a Recording Connection student, we’re glad you chose us!), but it’s not a guarantee of success. Taking charge of your recording education, and taking responsibility for your future career—that really is your best chance for making it. By training you on-the-job, we put you in a great position to establish that career. The rest is really up to you.

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