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Recording Schools Examined
Recording Schools Examined

Recording Schools Examined

If you are interested in a career in the recording industry, then there are a number of different types of recording schools you can choose from. Some Recording Schools will offer you the chance to work with a professional in the recording industry and learn on the job, while others will keep you in a classroom and allow you to learn through the experiences of someone else. Other schools may try to combine the best features of different types of educational experience, such as technical schools where you learn in a classroom using the technology being utilized in the workplace. Recording schools that are part of a major university or college will likely allow you to learn in a classroom under the tutelage of a knowledgeable instructor. If you have learned well in classrooms in the past, then this type of experience may work well for you. You should be sure that these types of programs will allow you to spend time with the sound mixing boards and other technology currently used in the industry, so that you will have real applicable skills after graduation. You may also be able to attend these types of schools fairly inexpensively, especially if attending a school in the state you live in. Technical recording schools, typically try to combine classroom learning with extensive hands-on time with the technology and equipment used in the industry. These schools can sometimes be significantly more expensive than colleges and universities, and a two-year degree from a technical school could be as expensive as a four-year degree from a university. They do usually have shorter programs, however, so if you are looking to get into the industry as quickly as possible, a technical school may be more helpful for that than a college or university. Mentor-extern programs, on the other hand, typically break the mold of traditional education and take you out of a classroom and put you in the industry. You will likely learn from one of these programs with an experienced mentor who will help you learn while also giving you guidance and advice for your education and early professional experiences. These programs can often be less expensive than the other two types of education, and are often less rigid in structure so you can schedule your time with a mentor around your other commitments. If you have typically felt trapped within previous classroom experiences and prefer to learn hands-on from an experienced mentor within the recording industry, then you may want to consider mentor-extern recording schools.

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